Oracle Card Reading for Sept 22 – 28

Looks like an intense & awesome week…

Good luck this week and please feel free to share your own sentiments and interpretations on these cards :)



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Veronica’s 3 Rules for Being More Fabulous

fridays with veronicaVeroncia is my evil twin/alter ego who writes awful Tarot readings on Friday’s. She loves sneering at happy couples, eavesdropping on her neighbor’s fights and ignoring everyone on Facebook. Yes, she is totally evil…

6 of swords anna k

Anna K Tarot

The Six of Swords reminds me of my favorite super-bitchy spiritual saying “wherever you go, you take yourself with you.”

We all know some jerk who’s always spouting off about how this place sucks and why it’s way better someplace else.

Or maybe you do this.

Have you ever found yourself day-dreaming about having a different job, romantic partner or body?

Well guess what?

It’s easy to romanticize something that you don’t have to encounter every fucking day. The reality is never the juicy utopia of your fantasies!

And here’s the bombshell…if your not awesome, your surroundings never will be.

So if you find yourself in a state of transition, which the Six of Swords suggests, don’t get your panties in a twist trying to change everything and everyone around you.

Instead, transform yourself. Be more fabulous.

But how?! you ask.

Veronica’s Rules For Being More Fabulous

1. Stop going on Facebook. It’s just people’s boring wedding and baby pictures anyway.

2. Start using cash to pay for things….and always keep it stuffed in your bra (or jock strap).

3. Read smutty books in the break room at work and conduct live “readings” whenever possible!

Yep, just three rules. Should be simple for you. Good luck ;)





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Trouble learning the Tarot Card Meanings? Try this!

Here is a question that I often get asked:

Q: I am having trouble learning the Tarot card meanings. It’s a boring process and I can never remember the meanings. Do I really need to learn them? Or can I just learn to read “intuitively”?

A: Reading Tarot “intuitively” without first learning the structure of Tarot and the card meanings is kind of like visiting a foreign country without learning the language.

Sure you will be able to get by with charades style communication and drawing pictures, but things won’t be smooth and you will feel like a total moron! Even learning a few key words and phrases can make a world of difference.

This is what I have found to be true….

1. Tarot is like a language – its a way for you to communicate with spirit and with your Inner Self.

2. Sometimes there is real value in tossing the “traditional” Tarot meanings aside to explore the cards more deeply and engage my intuition as I interact with the card figures, symbols, etc.


3. The traditional card meaning always acts as a trigger or a doorway into my inner, intuitive landscape.


I took this photo in a monastery on Crete

So while you don’t need to learn the Tarot card meanings in order to get guidance from your Tarot cards, your readings will take on a richer, more grounded quality when you do.

But if learning the Tarot card meanings feels boring to you, I suggest you vamp up the way you study your Tarot cards.

Join me for my upcoming webinar Learn the Tarot Card Meanings to learn tons of fresh, fun ways to work with your cards!


One of the techniques I will be teaching in my webinar is the “creating a story/character” approach.

Here’s how it works:

Step one: Choose a Tarot card that features a person.

Any court card will work good for this, as will Major arcana cards like The Magician or The Empress.

For this exercise I am going to be working with the Knight of Pentacles from the Crystal Visions Tarot.

Step two: Consider the traditional meaning of this card.

The Crystal Visions companion book describes the Knight of Pentacles as being “cautious, thoughtful and hardworking” with an “all work and no play” attitude.

Step three: flesh out the character by imagining other details and quirks.

I bet this Knight is the kind of guy who loves to read non-fiction and will spout off “facts” about things at dinner parties.

I suspect he’s also rather boring between the sheets.

But I also think he would make a mean apple pie and is particularly talented when it comes to making curries and casseroles and stuff like that. Yum!

Step four: Imagine a backstory & create a history for your character.

When I imagine the Knight of Pentacles as a real person, I see him working in a “safe”, repetitive job – like a factory or office.

His home life growing up was average and uninteresting, but then he met the love of his life and suddenly everything changed. He had never been happier.

But he was slow in proposing to her and she ended up running off with a rich playboy on a yacht in the Bahamas. That was years ago, but his heart still aches, so he wears a thick layer of emotional armor….etc, etc…I could go on all day.

What’s the point of all this? you may be wondering…

When we craft our own stories about the Tarot cards, we are adding our own creative spice to our studies.

Not only will you now have an easier time remembering the meaning of The Knight of Pentacles, or whatever card you chose to do this exercise with, but you will feel like you know this dude and he’s no longer a stranger on a Tarot card.

In the comments below, tell me….

What card did you pick for this exercise and what sordid personality quirks did you uncover? I can’t wait to read your response :)

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Tarot Reading for Sept 15 – 21

Have a lovely week :)


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Four of Cups: Boredom in A Loincloth?

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is my evil twin and fellow Tarot reader. When she’s not molesting young men with her eyes and knocking back Margaritas on her balcony, she’s helping me with my upcoming Tarot book and doing horrid readings on this blog…

four of cups

The Cosmic Tarot

The Four of Cups shows a pasty young man who looks rather blase about everything. But he’s wearing a loincloth and he has a frickin’ horse! How on Earth can this little shit be bored?!

Anyway, you’re feeling rather dull today.

And just under the surface is this curious buzzing, this feeling of discontent that is gaining momentum and threatening to break free.

Boredom….the most dangerous thing in the world? It just might be.

The other day I was out for a walk and I came upon a little girl who was writing things in the street with chalk. In huge, bubbly letters was the word “POO” – scrawled right across the entire road.

“Did you write this?” I asked her.

She shrugged, smirked and said “I was bored.”

So let that be a lesson. We do odd things when we’re bored.

Whether it’s writing “POO” on the street, reading US Weekly magazine or organizing your cookbook collection, we all resort to horrific things when boredom strikes.

So this weekend, don’t just sit there. Tap into your boredom – because it’s masking something…something magnificent!


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Tarot Reading for Sept 8 – 14

It looks like an exciting week coming up :)

Have a great week and please feel free to share you own thoughts and interpretations in the comments below!

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3 of Cups: Finding Your Tribe of Wackos

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin and fellow Tarot reader. How evil is she? Well, she detests baby showers and thinks wearing panties is for wimps. And when she isn’t strutting about in slutty halloween costumes all year round, she can be found in her local metaphysical bookstore….reading books but never buying anything. Here is her take on the Three of Cups…

3 of cups hezicos

Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

Today’s Tarot card is the Three of Cups (from the Hezicos Tarot), which predicts that it won’t be long until you find your tribe of fellow wack-jobs!

For too long now you have felt like an outsider in your community – the crazy one, the one with odd hobbies and interests.

Not everyone is into meditating with crystals, energy healing and Shamanic journeying. In fact, hardly anyone is. Which has made you wonder….is it me? Am I the odd one?

Yes, you are! But guess what? That’s a good thing. All those normal people are crap…and they’re boring!

It’s high time you celebrated your unique nutsyness by starting a community of sorts. Put the call out – start a dream group, a healing circle or a Tarot study group – you will be shocked silly at the response you get!

Here’s a secret I found out recently….not everyone who seems “normal” actually is. Most of them are just pretending…just waiting for someone to come along and start an Astral Travel support group or something, so they can find their tribe.

So don’t be a lolagagging Lola….get out there and start recruiting some fringey friends!


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Tarot Challenge: Interpret This Reading!

Ready to practice your Tarot reading skills?

It’s been a while since I presented you with a new Tarot challenge, so I decided to make this one extra tough… using only Court Cards!

First I will present you with a fabricated scenario:

You are doing a reading for Stephen – a middle aged man who works stocking vending machines in government buildings. Stephen has been divorced two years, has two teenaged daughters who hate him (he sees them every other weekend) and a Chihuahua with a bladder control problem.

Despite this dreary description of Stephen’s life, he is actually quite happy and content. He is coming to you for a reading because he’s just met someone new – Larissa – a new-agey maven who runs the local crystal shop.

They’ve been on a few hot and heavy dates and now Larissa wants him to come to Sedona with her for a Shamanic drumming weekend. He is reluctant. He hates that shit! But he doesn’t want to upset Larissa. What should he do?

You shuffle your cards, lay them out and turn them over. This is what comes up…..

tarot challenge

Druidcraft Tarot

Remember: Court cards can represent people and/or personality traits. They can suggest how to act (or how not to act). Notice the facial expressions, body language and action in these cards.

You are not using a particular spread, so feel free to interpret the cards however you like.

So….what advice would you give Stephen, based on these three cards?

Please post your interpretation/reading in the comments below. This challenge is open to ALL levels of readers – so don’t by shy if your a beginner!…I can’t wait to hear what you come up with :)

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Angel Card Reading for Sept 1 – 7

Have a great week :)

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The REAL meaning of the Ten of Wands…

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is my batshit crazy twin sister. She is just like me except she’s brilliant, has no sense of guilt or shame, speaks her mind and does whatever she wants, when she wants! Kind of like a psychopath….but with a heart of gold. Oh, and she also reads Tarot…

10 of rods

Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

Ah yes! The Ten of Rods (aka Ten of Wands) – a warning for you to plug your ears to the siren call of wanting more.

Here’s a depressing equation:

feeling empty + wanting more = taking on lots of  responsibilities, roles, hobbies and friends to make your life more meaningful and important + realizing your still empty, but now your also exhausted = resentment x 100

I was always crappy at math, so the above equation may not make sense to you, but that’s not the point.

The point is, all your roles and duties will only weigh you down on the adventure of life!

Do you knowsomeone who is always informing you of all the different roles they play? For example, a friend who says shit like “I’m a wife, mother, sister, chef, girl guide leader, janitor, blah, blah, blah” and you all you can think is holy fuck, when do you have time to fap?

While the Urban Dictionary defines the term fap as “the onomatopoeic representation of masturbation”, I would like to extend that definition to include all activities that are pleasurable but ultimately serve no purpose – like watching Entertainment Tonight, googling hot celebrities, organizing your nail polish collection – stuff like that.

Make time to fap. A life without adequate fap time will only foster resentment.


On a different note…..the second episode of the Menage A Tarot podcast is up! Click here to listen :)

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