Oracle Reading for May 22-28

Is it just me or is time whipping by us at the speed of light? May is almost over? Whaaaat?! I was feeling in a girly mood today so I decided to break out my Goddess cards for this one….

Have a fabulous week!

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2 steps to creating more “me time”

My evil twin Veronica is here to give you a Tarot reading. Only one card though, this bitch is busy….

Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

Right now I’m obsessed with creating space.

I’ve been clearing clutter, chucking shit out and making more room for….empty space!

And I’m not just clearing physical clutter, I’m clearing time clutter.

You know what I mean.

What eats up most of your time? Is it your career, your family, your sexually insatiable boy toy? Checking email? Waxing your crack? Looking at your FUCKING PHONE?

Before you turf anything (or anyone!), consult my handy dandy checklist:

  1. How much pleasure does this bring me? (On a scale of 1-10)
  2. How necessary is it? (1-10)

Now it’s time to cross analyze. Things that scored highly in both areas clearly need to remain in your life. Things that scored 8 or higher on the necessary scale but low on the pleasure scale need to be reconsidered….

How necessary are they really?

And now your thinking but what does all this crap have to do with the Eight of Pentacles?

Clearing time clutter is hard work and not for the faint of heart. Refusing to help your child with his math homework so you can have more “me time” will be heart wrenching for you. Be strong!

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Tarot reading for May 15-21

For this reading I am using the lovely photographic Tarot deck Wolff’s Cartomancy

Have a wonderful week 🙂

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Transform yourself….without all the hard work!

International Woman of Leisure by day, whipcracking Tarot Reader by night! Veronica is my evil twin and she took a quick break from eating bon bons to write you this tidbit of tasty advice….so take it!


Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

Everyone wants “transformation”!

If you’ve ever been to a website about weight loss, new agey stuff, spiritual stuff or life coaching, you will see the word “transformation” splattered all over it, like seagull crap on a pier.

But what IS “transformation”? Simple answer: DEATH!

Oh, so you want to “transform” your life? No, you want your old self to die.

Do you want to “transform” your thinking? No, you want to murder your negative thoughts.

So why does everyone go around saying “blah blah blah, transformational, blah blah, bullshit, bullshit, blab”?

Because Death is the low effort option, whereas Transformation sounds like a lot of exhausting, hard work, which most average dumbfucks looooove. Or at least love to talk about.

So this weekend, ask yourself: “what old habits would l like to lay to rest?”

OR “what part of my life would l like to have a mini funeral for?”

OR “what aspects of myself would l like to violently shank to death and then forcibly reincarnate as something entirely different?” oh, wait, that sounds more like “transformation”. Nevermind!

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3 Tarot Exercises to Reveal the REAL you!

The one thing I love, love, love about Tarot is that it’s an amazing tool for self exploration.

And you know what? I feel like I’m always saying “tool” when I’m describing Tarot. I must find a better word.

Okay, moving on…

There’s nothing I love more than diving into my Tarot cards and using them to explore one of my favorite topics – meeeeee!

I’ve rounded up my 3 favorite Tarot exercises that will help you make some surprising discoveries about yourself.


What Do You REALLY Want?

Think you know what you want in life? Well think again!

Robin Wood Tarot

I used to think I wanted money and success (very original, I know). But it turns out I just want to laze around all day and read books and stuff.

And I would never have known that about myself if I hadn’t done this exercise.

In this 3 step process, I will take you deep into the heart of who you really are and what you are really wanting out of life.

Are you ready?

Try this exercise!



Decode Your Celebrity Obsessions With Tarot!

We're all powerfully drawn to certain people - whether they're celebrities, fictional characters, public figures or "real" (yet super sexy) people in our everyday lives.

Bond, James Bond

But did you know that the type of person you admire and/or lust after can tell you something about yourself? Something secret, something deep, something juicy....

Find out NOW! Do this Tarot exercise!



Those Tarot Cards You NEVER Get?...They Mean Something!

Dame Darcy Tarot

We're all so focused on the cards in front of us and what they might mean, but did you ever wonder about the cards that hardly ever show up in your readings?

In my opinion, the cards that DON'T show up in your readings can be just as telling as the ones that DO.

This Tarot exercise helps you take a look at those conspicuously absent cards!

Try this exercise!

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Tarot Reading for May 8 – 14

I’m sorry I am so late with this reading….I’ve been a bit under the weather lately and combined with my cat repeatedly knocking over my camera and being a general pain in the butt, it was hard to get this video up in time!

The deck I am using is the Everyday Witch Tarot

Have a good week!

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Tarot forecast for May 1 – 7

This was my very first reading with my new Everyday Witch Tarot!

Have a great week 🙂


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Hard work is the new c-word

Veronica is my evil Tarot reading twin. She lives life on her own terms and quite frankly it scares the crap out of me. Drinking before 4pm, seducing men under 25 and reading Tarot like a smutty Harlequin romance. Here’s Veronica…


Rider Waite Tarot

If you want to regret something, work hard all the time.

There are many unoriginal hacks out there who like to expound the virtues of hard work.

And do you know what I say to that? BO-RING!

Anyone can work hard. Except lazy people.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to “work smart”…..that’s dumb too!

What I will tell you to do is this: work hard for a brief period of time and then reap the rewards!

Most people can’t do this though. They get addicted to hard work like it’s crack. They feel like they’re being good, useful people when they work hard. Then they can look down their nose at everyone else.

I once worked in a “corporate culture” and one time during an employee engagement meeting, this ass wipe named Colin* was all like “la di da, look how hard I’m working. Ooooh, I’m working so much harder than everyone else. I always give 110%”

I said shut the fuck up Colin. 110% is impossible – it’s a mathematical lie. Don’t be an overachiever, you twat!”

I no longer work there, but my point is this….

There’s nothing wrong with working hard at something you truly love and care about. But for God’s sake, take a tea break and put your feet up and enjoy the fruits of your labor (like The Empress, above).

There is nothing worse than working hard for the sake of hard work.

So tell me….what will you NOT be working hard at this weekend????

*His real name

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Tarot Reading for April 24 – 30

For this week’s reading I decided to kick it old school with my trusty Universal Waite Tarot deck 🙂

Have a fabulous week!!!
The Daily Tarot Girl

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Social Etiquette: Veronica style

Veronica is my evil twin/alter ego and queen of Tarot. She has everything I don’t….copious cleavage, hordes of boy toys trailing after her and a hankering for day drinking. The only thing I have in common with her is we both write about Tarot for this blog!

eight of swords

Dame Darcy Tarot

Have you ever found yourself at a dinner party, seated next to someone who just won’t shut the fuck up?

You sit there all polite and quiet, listening to them drone on and on about their gluten sensitivity and talented grandchildren….

All the while resenting every minute and frantically looking for an escape. But they are not your jailer. Your misplaced sense of politeness is.

Then, after an evening of storing up all your anger, you get home to your loving spouse and viciously tear into him for leaving a dirty fork on the counter!

Here’s the thing – your politeness is like money, it isn’t limitless. So don’t go squandering all your nicey niceness on boring people who suck. Save it for those who matter.

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