Nine of Swords ~ Daily Tarot Reading for Monday

If you find yourself in a state of anxiety or worry today, the Nine of Swords is here to remind you that you have the ability to quickly climb out of any mental/emotional downward spirals.

If you are feeling any amount of discontent, examine your thoughts to find which ones are causing you stress. Since thoughts can create anxiety, they can also be used to create calm and well-being. Write down your negative thoughts and come up with positive exception thoughts to replace them. For example, if you are thinking “I will never get out of debt!”, try thinking “It is possible for me to be debt-free – in fact, I can imagine it clearly.”

If you are feeling at all regretful or guilty about a situation, start by forgiving yourself. Ask yourself what your original intention was when you did whatever it was you now regret. What can you do now to make things better? This will stop the downward spiral of negativity in a heartbeat.

The main message of Nine of Swords is that all anguish, anxiety, and sleepless nights are caused by our own thoughts and how we choose to interpret a situation. We believe our thoughts to be real, which they aren’t! Our thoughts are changeable, which means that we have the power to create calmness and joy just as much as we are able to create upset and unhappiness.


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