Daily Tarot Card for Friday ~ Experiencing

The message of today’s tarot card, which is from the Osho Zen Tarot, is that life is about experiencing the journey – not the destination!

If you go out for a walk in nature today, make sure you stop and observe the stillness of the rocks and trees. Take the time to connect with your surroundings and feel the energy that radiates from all living things.

The woman in this card appears to be one with the tree, her glowing aura merging with the aura of the tree. She is fully enjoying the present moment and has managed to slip out of her mind and into the radiant energy of the present.

Today, try being as present as you can be, particularly when talking with others. Instead of trying to analyze another’s words, try feeling them. Try sensing the energy of the other person. This sounds crazy because we are so used to communicating on a mental level and not an energy level. When you are having a conversation with someone today, try being fully present with them, not only listening to what they say but sensing how they feel as well.

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