Ten of Pentacles ~ Tarot Reading for Wednesday

Today’s daily tarot card is Ten of Pentacles (or Ten of Discs) from the Intuitive Tarot. The message I get from this card is this:  collaboration is great, but don’t sacrifice your individuality in order to be more acceptable to the group.

The Ten of Pentacles speaks of our strength in numbers and the power of connecting and collaborating with others. You may get the chance to be a vital aspect of a group this week.

While it is truly amazing what we can accomplish when we pool our resources and minds together, there is a downside to the Ten of Pentacles…

Sometimes we may feel that in order to be accepted by a group – whether its social or business related – we must dial ourselves down so we harmonize more easily with others. This can make our group interactions feel inauthentic and stressful. Be sure that the group you join values your individual, unique talents and doesn’t demand that you change yourself to fit in.

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