Daily Oracle Card for Monday ~ Integrity


Guidance Dogs Oracle Cards by Kirsten Laulainen

Today’s daily oracle card is Integrity, represented by the Australian Shepherd dog, reminding you of the importance of keeping your actions in line with your words and beliefs.

Living with integrity means that what you do, think and say are all very similar. You do what is important to you and and any observer can tell what is important to you based on your actions, deeds and creations.

If you don’t live with integrity, you will experience stress and inner conflict and it may be hard for you to really know what you want from life and what matters to you. In other words, you will feel lost on your path.

The strong message I get with this daily oracle card is that integrity means being true to yourself. Live according to your own rules and what you believe is right, not someonelses. This in itself isn’t always easy, but the more integrity you have, the more grounded and purposeful you will feel.

Just for fun, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do my actions and creations express what is important to me?
  • Do I walk my talk? (Do I do what I say I will?)
  • Are my actions in line with my thoughts and feelings? Or do they sometimes differ?
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2 Responses to Daily Oracle Card for Monday ~ Integrity

  1. Antonio says:

    Dear Kate,
    One of the many gifts of reading your daily, and weekly card readings is your insight.
    Clear, to the point, and easy to follow, if we are of a mind.
    Thank You,

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