Oracle Card Reading for Wednesday ~ The Dragon’s Duel

I drew The Dragon’s Duel¬†from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle for today’s oracle card reading. This card has to do with inner conflict, morality and conscious choice.

Today you may experience the inner turmoil that results when your Ego and Higher Self battle it out! There are many ways this can show up in your daily life – for example, you may struggle with doing what you feel is best versus what your mind thinks you should do.

The Ego loves to be right, which the Higher Self (or Consciousness) couldn’t care less about! So you may feel torn between letting a long held dispute go and pursuing the argument to make your point.

When it comes to making decisions today and deciding how you will act, take the time to really check in with yourself. What actions or choices make you feel a sense of expansion? What actions and choices cause you to feel tense and contracted?

When you let your Higher Self guide you, a sense of freedom and ease will be present (even if you are doing something that scares you or feels a bit rebellious). Today’s oracle card reading reminds you that you always have the choice between aligning with Ego or Higher Self. Once you make that choice, all inner conflict will dissolve.




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