Strength ~ Tarot Card for Thursday

Today I drew the Strength Tarot card – one of my favourite cards!!! The message today is that it is okay to make friends with your animal nature and find the beauty in being strong without being forceful.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your primal gifts, particularly those of power and sexuality. The Strength Tarot card speaks to our sexual nature and its need for respect and control, minus the suppression.

Society has long held an innate fear of human sexuality and there seems to be a fear that if not suppressed and controlled, it could go crazy and destroy civilization. Many people feel this way about their own sexuality – that it could ruin their lives if allowed to go unchecked.

Today is a good day to rethink this assumption. Stepping into your own power and expanding your spiritual horizons involves developing a deep bond with your sexual self and shedding some of the long held guilt, fear and anxiety around sex.

Another message I get with this card is that you may need to be subtle, yet firm with someone today. Do not be afraid to be assertive – you will still come across as likeable if you communicate in a way that is open and positive. Be clear about your needs and expectations.


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