Oracle Reading for Tuesday ~ Inner Power

Guidance Dogs Oracle Cards by Kirsten Laulainen

Today is all about your Inner Power and how you choose to use it in your life. The Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog in this card acts as a guide, reminding you that you always have power in every life situation, but it is up to you to choose how you will use it.

In some situations you may find that you under-use your power, pretending to be weak so that you don’t intimidate others and other times you may over-use it, puffing up your power so others see you as an authority. The key is to strike a balance so that you are able to stand in your power without over or under using it. This is self-love in its purest, truest form.

Don’t buy into the idea that you are powerless – it simply isn’t true! Today, notice how you feel in relation to your inner power – are you afraid of it? Or do you freely express it? And remember that you always have the choice of how you want to exercise your power in the world.

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  1. Idnaceus Crow says:

    I’m feeling more intuitive today…than I’ve been in awhile..hope out don’t fade…” I see said the blind man…as he brought out his hammer and saw.”

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