The Star ~ Tarot Reading for Tuesday!

Today’s card is The Star tarot card and her message is this: Let go and let life flow. Don’t try to make things happen, just sit back, relax into your life and watch things unfold before you.

If you are feeling stressed out about things, surrender your “problems” to your higher self/god/goddess or angels before going to bed and trust that everything will work out as it should.

Your potential as a human being is far greater when you take a relaxed, trusting approach to life, stop doing and start being. It is important to remain open to higher energies right now as they will help you guide your life in the direction that will be most rewarding for you.

 Working with crystals may be extra helpful for you today. Even just placing crystals around your home will help bring in the transformative, star energy that this card represents.

As you go about your day today, remember to tune into that relaxed, peaceful, trusting energy of The Star tarot card – this will bring you closer to your higher self and your life purpose.


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3 Responses to The Star ~ Tarot Reading for Tuesday!

  1. mary says:

    thank you Kate lovely reading hugs xx

  2. Jamie Morris says:

    Lovely. Thanks for this, Kate.

    I did my own daily reading, and it was about something very specific. I needed a bit of extra insight, and this fits the bill.

    Happy Star Day!

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