Oracle Card Forecast for the Upcoming Week

Today I decided to use my fancy new Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle cards to get a glimpse into next week…

Click here to get the free download that I mention at the start of this video.
Have a beautiful week, everyone!!! 🙂

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4 Responses to Oracle Card Forecast for the Upcoming Week

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Oh, Kate, what a beautiful weekly draw. So many messages I hear in this that feel loving and supportive.

    The first card looks like me on my way home from out-of-town last night. I was sooooooo exhausted, and I wanted nothing more to just lie down and let someone else take charge.

    Today, I feel so sad and overwhelmed, I almost don’t know how to begin to find loving support. I’ve been just sort of sleeping and drawing the occasional card and reading a novel and then falling back asleep. I’m just exhausted in my heart–but also, I feel such a sad sense of having lost something, which is consistent with this week’s cards, as well.

    I think I mentioned that I’d resigned from a long-time volunteer situation, and one that was fairly demanding (again, aligned with today’s card #1) I think I definitely need some spiritual guidance AND some creative daydreaming to help find how to proceed without that association which was definitely a situation in which I gave enormously and received very little in return.

    Thanks. I’ll return to this reading during the week.

    • kate says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Sad to hear you are feeling down – hopefully by the time you read this, the feeling will have passed or lessened. Its nice in times like these to have the cards for support, I think – kind of like having your own shrink (but not quite!)


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