Death ~ Tarot Card for Monday

The Death card comes to us to remind us that each day we are reborn and a part of us dies and is left behind. We are never the same person today as we were yesterday and tomorrow we will be different yet again.

If you ever find yourself lamenting “nothing ever changes!”, think again – death/change is constant, which can feel both exhausting and liberating.

Another way to think of Death is as a transformation, which is nicely represented by all the butterflies in this card. Each day we have the opportunity to transform ourselves, a situation or our beliefs….so what do you want to transform today?


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2 Responses to Death ~ Tarot Card for Monday

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    So much for “wimpy”! Ha! And I got the Death card in my daily draw yesterday, too. In fact, my daily draw was thrown very late last night, so late, you could have been pulling this Death card at the very same time.

    Anyway, your draw of it invites me to go back and reconsider its presence in mine.


  2. Mel says:

    I love this depiction of the Death card, it symbolizes death/change/transformation so well for me. Crystal Visions is such a beautiful deck! I love your take on this card, Kate. Every day has a new past and in-turn every day is a new beginning!

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