The Seven of Cups Wants You To Commit Already! ~ Tarot Card for Monday

The Seven of Cups says “make up your f*&king mind already!” You tell yourself you are contemplating things but really you just don’t want to make a commitment to anything. 

Choices, choices, choices! If you choose the cup with the sexy fairy you can’t choose the one with the beckoning castle. But you need not see things this way.

By going down a certain path, more options will present themselves – there are no dead ends here. Making a choice will not close as many doors as you think. Be bold today and make a concrete decision – you won’t regret it!


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8 Responses to The Seven of Cups Wants You To Commit Already! ~ Tarot Card for Monday

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Hey, Kate–

    I like how the decision-making in this card on MONDAY could quite likely lead to the results your second card from yesterday, “Very Soon,” suggested would arrive on WEDNESDAY!

    And it may even be that doing the action of yesterday’s first card, acknowledging my gifts, will give me the wherewithal to, um, “make up my f*&king mind already!” and thus, put an engine in this unicorn-driven process!

    Happy Monday!

    • Kate says:

      Yes, you are absolutely right, today’s card does match up nicely to the weekly reading. Hopefully it gave you a kick in the pants 😉

      • Jamie Morris says:

        Nope. My stubbornness is stubbornly resisting the OBVIOUS, simple (for heaven’s sake) action I need to take. Instead, I’m going to go lie down and look at my new deck. Can you GET any more Seven of Cups than that?

  2. Denise Suttie says:

    Hi Kate, I call this the ” pie in the sky ” card!

    Love your readings, thank you.

    • Kate says:

      It is totally a Pie in the Sky card! I have also heard it described as a fantasy card, like being totally lost in fantasy ideas, or spending too much time fantasizing. Thanks for your comment, Denise 🙂

  3. kaia says:

    Yep! Cant have my cake and eat it.
    Thank You 🙂

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