Emotions are Brewing! King of Cups is Tuesday’s Tarot Card.

king of cups

Crystal Visions Tarot

Do you feel an urge to suppress strong feelings today, for fear they may overtake you completely?

The King of Cups suggests that your willingness to work with your emotions is where your power lies. You don’t need to run from overwhelming feelings – go into them, feel them, let them do their thing.

You may appear calm and collected to others – this is why people seek you out for emotional support! But under the surface you are a tumultuous sea of emotional activity.

As you explore your emotions, you will learn more and more about yourself, which gives you a mature, powerful, king-like presence in the world. So don’t be afraid to get your feet wet in the emotional waters today!

What is the main emotion that is bubbling beneath your calm exterior today? Tell me in the comments below…

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13 Responses to Emotions are Brewing! King of Cups is Tuesday’s Tarot Card.

  1. Mary says:

    So true! I had my daughter’s progress review at her school and got the usual guilt trip that I’m not doing enough to help her. When I got home I saw the Oklahoma tornado footage with parents looking for their kids at the devastated school site and just sat on the bed, covered myself with the quilt, and cried. I’ve been eating dark chocolate all day. When I reviewed the emotions, I saw that they’re all linked to how I want to save my kid from her physical disabilities.
    Incidentally, I’ve seen the same card in other daily tarot readings on youtube. Must be something in the air.
    blessings xxx

  2. Jamie Morris says:


    I once saw a deck in which the King of Cups was depicted as a man with breasts. (And why didn’t I get that deck? I believe the pips were non-scenic.) This has really stuck with me, and as you talk about him today, I’m thinking about how that particular illustration showed me both how nurturing he wants to be AND how his nurturing/feeling self can seem at odds with the role/”body” he is in.

    Thanks for this draw and your thoughts on the King of Cups. He’s not the easiest guy in the deck for me to get ahold of.

    Happy Tuesday!
    (BTW, The Dream Enchantress has arrived. OMG. We’ll have to talk.)

    • Kate says:

      Jamie – King of Cups is so fascinating! You hit the nail on the head with your description – he is emotional, yet tries to deny this in some way because he’s a dude.
      Dream Enchantress is a cool deck, I know!

  3. Denise Suttie says:

    How true this is and how like me! I sometimes wish someone would just deal with all my stuff like I deal with theirs. Thanks Kate.

    • Antonio says:

      @Denise. It is easy for many of us to be “problem solvers” for others, yet when it comes to us… that’s another matter.
      There are conscious and less conscious reasons for not accepting assistance. From the “if you want to do it right, do it yourself,” to more subtle ones “I can’t show I have problems because…”
      It takes Courage to admit help is needed, and more still to trust inner guidance that “this is the person I can trust with my “issues.”
      You are to be congratulated–you have taken step one “I wish…” Now with that energy shift, LET the universe work, and “your wishes come to fruition.”

  4. Ellen says:

    Hello Kate
    I ‘ve ordered two Lenormanddecks in England. I have to wait ten or more days for them. Now in me there is a little child screaming: “I want my package now!” But on the outside I am the responsible mother. I think, no, I know for sure that these emotional outbursts are caused by me quitting smoking for two months now
    (Youtube greylady1958)

    • Jamie Morris says:


      My HUGE congratulations on your quitting smoking. As a person who did that 25 years ago, and has just recently quit eating sugar and dairy, I totally get how the addiction/impatience can transfer to other arenas. (Kate is probably laughing at me right now, since she has been a big witness to my tarot deck addiction.)

      But for my part, almost anything that you do that keeps you from smoking–or rewards you for not smoking–is fantastic.

      Plus, you’re getting all Lenormand-y! I am so wanting to hear about others’ experiences with the Lenormand, as I took a little dive into it a year or so ago, and then put it down to return to tarot. You can find my contact info by clicking my name, Ellen, and if you ever feel like yakking about Lenormand, I’d love to hear from you!


    • Kate says:

      Ellen, have you ever used the Mystical Lenormand? I have been looking at it online. It looks good.

      • Ellen says:

        No I haven’t. It sure does look nice. But since I am “fighting” my Deck hoarder addiction, this one has to wait a little while longer. For now I will try to wait for the release in octobre of the Celtic Lenormand from Will Worthington and The Gilded Reverie Lenormand from Ciro Marchetti

  5. kaia says:

    Hi Kate! This is exactly what I am experiencing at this very moment. How did You know 🙂

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