King of Pentacles: Declare Your Place in the World! (Wednesday)

The King of Stones (aka King of Pentacles) is represented by the mighty wolf in the Wildwood Tarot.

His message is this: declare your rightful place in the world and make your mark like you mean it.

Strong, wild and howling, this wolf isn’t trying to find his true calling as he is already howling it. You may think you still need to find yourself, but really you just need to declare yourself!

Another meaning I get is that today is a good day to be mature, strong and affirm your boundaries. Act like the leader of the pack even if your just a lone wolf.

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11 Responses to King of Pentacles: Declare Your Place in the World! (Wednesday)

  1. Erica says:

    Wow! Yesterday the 10 of swords today this howling wolf! Too funny! In one of my comments yesterday I wrote how my “little drama queen” inside has a nick name….well its “la loca loba” or in english “crazy she-wolf.” She was confident and daring. No problem asking a sexy man to dance! Lol! Maybe she’s matured and time to bring her back out. Lol! Thanks Kate! Wish me luck!

  2. Antonio says:

    This morning spirit approached me, as sometimes happens, instead of me approaching.

    There were some strong demands, as sometimes happen. In images.

    The card today confirms the messages. As more than sometimes does. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Jamie Morris says:

    Jeez, Louise, me, too! Boundary issues, that is.

    I mean, I’m making some of the trouble myself (of course!), but in several areas, when you talk about this as taking charge and marking boundaries, I can see the issues a big differently.

    Actually, this card is almost an exterior expression of what The Empress is telling me to do internally. She, I believe, wants me to take some personal power inside and do some athoritative self-nurturing and, even, to take some more control of my own experience.

    The King of Pents gives me some clues about how this might look out in the world.

    Thanks so much for giving great voice to a card from a deck that I love but which puzzles me so much I’ve given up trying to read from it.

    Happy Wednesday.

  4. valerie says:

    I so needed to hear that! Having trouble at work, (boundary issues). Last night at our Tarot circle, another member confirmed my concerns at the new work place. So thank you! <3

  5. sonja says:

    so awsome…just the way my life is now..but surely i will be the wolf at the moment..all ur cards daily present whts happening in my life..and helps me alot to cope..thnx…

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