Two of Swords ~ The Light at the End of the Tunnel! (Monday)

Today you are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If you have been feeling confused, blah or conflicted about something, the end is in sight.

The Two of Swords is all about gathering your strengths and skills and moving forward in the direction that calls out to you. You may hesitate or doubt yourself, but ultimately you must go forward eventually!

Once you have made your decision you might ask yourself “can I really do this?” and you will never know until you try. But while this figure is holding two swords, he still manages to face the sun with open arms – so be willing to embrace what lies before you 🙂

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8 Responses to Two of Swords ~ The Light at the End of the Tunnel! (Monday)

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Hey, Oh-so-timely Kate!

    I just finished the final draft of the LWB for the Majors-only version of The Portland Tarot. It’s something I’d never even THOUGHT of doing just a week ago–and here it is, done, and I’m proud of it.

    It was so great to just charge through, push on my insecurities over the last three days, which were very much like your description of the Two of Swords.

    Anyway, so tired now. Ready to sleep.
    Sweet dreams, West Coast girl.

    • Jamie Morris says:

      Oh! Here’s a link to some of the images:

      Tell me what you think.


      • Kate says:

        Wow, Jamie, this is such a unique deck! Love the Justice card (and I usually always dislike that card) and the Star looks wonderful. I cannot believe that you finished the draft in like two days – that is insanely quick! did you do a bunch of cocaine and just write for hours on end or what?! Impressive! What was the process like for you?

        • Jamie Morris says:

          Hey, Kate–

          I’m so glad you like it! It’s not my usual sort of deck, at all, but something about it just pulled me right in to its sphere, and the more I look at the images, the more I love them.

          As for my process (and thanks for asking), there was mega-caffeine involved, but I really was able to pretty much clear my schedule for a few days to get it done–and it was exciting to be working on something I felt so passionate about. So, no cocaine, unfortunately, but lots of love–and the colors from the deck are pretty stimulating!

          The scope of the LWB was pretty small, which is part of why it was do-able so quickly. Here’s what’s included:

          1) A quick reference to tarot in general
          2) Some material on this deck in particular
          3) A bit about how to use the cards
          4) A bit about Majors-only
          5) Keywords only for 22 Majors
          6) A brief orientation to her 23rd Major, “The Weird”
          7) Three 3-card spreads (which I created) and the appropriate uses for each and position assignments
          8) Theresa’s bio
          9) What’s next with the deck’s further development

          Theresa had tons of copy all over the internet: interviews, her own website, articles written about the deck, her FB page, etc. So the first thing I did was compile all of that and print it out.

          Next, I pulled out four good LWBs and analyzed each to see what material was common to all and how the different authors handled that material. (I also took a quick look at some threads on Aeclectic about writing LWBs. Not much there, but it felt supportive.)

          Then, from what I learned, I made a template of what I wanted to include in our LWB and started pulling material from Theresa’s web-copy and shoving it into the various categories.

          Once I had all that done, I looked at which areas still needed more text written and did some free-writing to fill in the blanks.

          Then Theresa sent me about 5000 words on her card associations, which, with everything else, gave me a about 10,000 words of a single, messy document.

          From there, my editing instincts went to work, and I started tightening and fiddling and fixing and rewriting and tightening . . . until I had it down to 1500 gorgeous words!

          It was wonderfully fun, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
          And now that I’ve done this really tiny version, I can see how I could use this as an outline for a companion book. Or at least the beginning of an outline.

          Hugs and happy Tuesday,

          • Kate says:

            Oh wow – I have always wondered how much work goes into creating a deck and the companion book – I always suspected it was way more work than it appears. Its funny because people often casually say to me “you should create your own deck” like its a ten minute job and i know it totally isn’t!!!
            Thanks for sharing this and giving me an inside peek at what goes into the LWB creation.


  2. Antonio says:

    Shedding doubts, and going forward continued the nudge–push? Thanks for reminding me of what needs to be done.

    Synchronistically the spirit whose energy open roads rules this day.

    Thank you,

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