The Hermit – Embrace Emptiness (Thursday)

Today’s Tarot card is The Hermit. One of my faves! This card tells you that its time to go within and tune out all the drama and excitement of the outside world.

You may notice a big zero on this card right under where the Hermit is standing. The message I get from this today is that it is time to contemplate emptiness.

If you pay close attention you will see that you often run and hide from emptiness – always doing things to “fill the void” – such as “keeping busy”, snacking, watching movies and shows you don’t even care about – all to avoid the gnawing emptiness within.

Today, make friends with that emptiness. Instead of reading the morning paper while you eat breakfast, just eat without trying to distract yourself. Instead of automatically turning on the radio when you get in your car, drive in silence…..and see what emerges from that silence.


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7 Responses to The Hermit – Embrace Emptiness (Thursday)

  1. Mel says:

    My favorite card 🙂 The Hermit and I are great friends, I embrace his meaning wholeheartedly as he has helped me remember that everything starts from within. Love seeing him make an appearance! Thanks, Kate!

    • Kate says:

      Your welcome, Mel! I always feel a sense of relief when I pull this card for some reason – I feel like he symbolizes the opposite of striving.

  2. Ellen says:

    I just love that card. It has written my name (and yours to of course) all over it. Every time when I pull this card (any deck I have will do. Every depiction of the hermit I have is so gorgeous) I sigh for I remember that it is oke to want to be alone in a world full of social obligations. I don’t have to be like everybody else. 🙂

  3. Deborah says:

    This is my favorite card, too. It’s the one card I am quick to look at when I discover a new deck.

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