An Empty Mind is a Happy Mind! (Thursday)

An empty mind is a welcoming receptacle for genius and inspiration! That is the message of today’s Four of Swords.

If you find yourself struggling to think straight, get things done or come up with good ideas, its because the chitter chatter in your head won’t shut up.

Try meditating today and think of your meditation time as a vacation for your brain. Try going ten seconds without thinking a single thing. Then try twenty seconds, etc, etc, until you have worked up to a whole minute.

You don’t have to think harder to figure things out, you have the think less – or not at all.

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6 Responses to An Empty Mind is a Happy Mind! (Thursday)

  1. Nahanni Faith Hartwood says:

    Too funny – the blog post I wrote last night gives very similar advice to this! (I’m not copying you, I swear!)

  2. Jamie Morris says:

    So perfect for me, today, Kate.

    As you know, I’ve been nose-to-the-grindstone on a big editing/writing project. It’s consuming many, many brain calories, and I’m having to make sure to replenish those in healthy ways–not with sugar and piles of pasta!

    This morning, I decided I needed to just let the project rest for the day (which was a clever way of letting myself rest). So far, I’ve eaten breakfast, napped, taken a walk, napped, run three errands, laid down on the couch with my beloved-but-neglected Tarot of the Sidhe and NAPPED.

    If I looked any more like the guy in this card, you’d be shuffling me back into the deck.

    Sorry, gotta run. Time for a . . .

  3. Ellen says:

    My other favorite card!!! (sigh) Especially from this deck

  4. EG says:

    Uhhh, how I needed this! I will follow your advice, I’m gonna try to meditate and of course, I won’t omit to do Yoga! 🙂

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