Friday’s with Veronica ~ The Tower

My apologies for posting this late! I had this scheduled to post and somehow, my site didn’t post it automatically! Arrrgh! Better late than never 😉

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is a writer of smut, maker of cocktails and The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil, evil twin. When not reading Tarot she can be found lounging poolside in her neighbors yard (when they aren’t home) and lamenting the depressing lack of hot, young man-meat in her town. Let’s see what dreadful advice she has for you today…

the tower (2)

The Housewives Tarot

Ah, The Tower! This particular version gives me the shudders, not because its The Tower, but because it reminds me of the horrors of jellied salad. Thank god no one makes that anymore!

Lately you’ve been thinking “gee, I really want to shake things up a bit and turn this craptastic world on its head!” but then you stop yourself and think “no, it would never work. The System is too strong.”

I have news for you – that which appears all solid and strong is not. In fact, it’s like jellied salad. If everything is still, it looks solid, but when you move around, it wobbles and your realize its just jelly and can be easily dismantled. So move around. Don’t just stand still. Shimmy and shake, prance and dance.

So I ask you, crazy banana that you are, how can you break the mould today? How can you make things wobble and shake? Tell me in the comments below!!!

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7 Responses to Friday’s with Veronica ~ The Tower

  1. Jamie Morris says:


    You are so smart! This is the first time I’ve been able to read an interpretation of The Tower without wanting to run and hide under the bed and just hope the fall out won’t crush me.

    Thanks for re-empowering me re: card #16!!

    Quivery hugs,
    Your Fan,

    • Kate says:

      I will pass this on to Veronica. But I highly doubt you run and hide when you see this card – I know you are fabulous at coming up with positive interpretations of miserable cards!

  2. Rogerv Cote says:

    For me, the Tower is fragility, fragility www have. So if you are fragile, be careful as some may take advantage of it.
    “So move around. Don’t just stand still. Shimmy and shake, prance and dance. ” as she say will mean wear a mask over your fragility and move on.

  3. Veronica – I love shaking and shaking things up!

    Love the jello analogy!

    Jiggly yours,


  4. julia says:

    I had just raved to my husband about Fridays with Veronica and freaked when she wasn’t there to show him. Glad she showed up! Thanks

  5. Ellen says:

    I haven’t slept all night 🙁
    So breaking the mold today is wearing all day long my sweatpants and slippers, skip cooking dinner, watching TV series and just do nothing what I don’t want to do 😀

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