The Fool says….f**k being “busy”!

fridays with veronica

Veronica is my badass alter ego and she is here to give you some tough love advice on a Friday. What better way to kick off the weekend?

the fool (2)

Housewives Tarot

“Travel lightly, bitch!” says the coiffed lady of The Fool.

At first glance you may think she’s a real dip-shit, letting the contents of her purse scatter to and fro, but look closely. She is just lightening the load.

Now is the time to lighten your load. Get rid of some shit.

The idiots you know and love will tell you that more leads to a meaningful life – more money, more work, a bigger house, a big family, lots of friends, pets, cars, clothes, stuff, shoes, more crap, luggage, things, fancy kitchen utensils, fake tits, social events, aaaaahhhhh!

These same dicks will ask you things like “keeping busy?” whilst nodding vigoriously. You must answer “yes” or face their awkward, blank look of confusion.

This weekend, think less is more.

Think busyness is crazyness.

Don’t be busy. Clear the clutter. Mmmmm…..zen! Now your free.

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7 Responses to The Fool says….f**k being “busy”!

  1. Carrie says:

    Once again, Veronica nails it.

  2. Sarah Dawn says:

    When in doubt…KISS: Keep It Simple Sister!

  3. Babbette says:

    Too right! I agree, simplify your life! Thanks Veronica! 🙂

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