Oracle Card Reading for Sept 22 – 28

Looks like an intense & awesome week…

Good luck this week and please feel free to share your own sentiments and interpretations on these cards 🙂



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7 Responses to Oracle Card Reading for Sept 22 – 28

  1. Michele B says:

    Hi Kate,

    I took a different approach this week and watched the video twice. Once at the beginning of the week and now.

    This really hit home for me. I was home sick for the end of the week last week and the first part of the week this week. I believe part of the “getting sick” was because I was in the process of being overstressed and then releasing the stress. I noticed the first card looks like an angel which coincides with the angelic work I was doing early in the week. I’m reading a lot of Doreen Virtue and the many authors she works with, it seems to be what I need right now.

    The second card seems to include a spirit guide (or at least I interpreted the animal as one) and that perhaps the crystal was used to enhance the connection. Also interesting because I had been wearing this beautiful leather band on my wrist that was hand made with a quartz crystal on the top, held in place with very think copper wire in a wrapped fashion. I set the intention for it to help me focus my energy, stay more connected to my intuition, and help me stay centered.

    The third card really resonates as well because I had been getting some reiki for physical well being as well as emotional well being. I also use Pandora to help balance my chakras. There is a station called “Chakra Balancing”. I also feel as if I need to meditate and slowly get my energy back.

    Really enjoyed this reading and I had fun doing the revers of what I normally do, commenting after the week instead of before it has all happened.

    Thank you for the weekly posts.

    • Kate says:

      Hi Michele,
      Thanks so much for sharing how this reading was relevant to your life this week 🙂 That’s always really fun to hear about. Good luck with your meditation and hope you have your energy back soon!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful read, Kate! These cards totally affirm I’m on the right path with what I’m doing. What you said about Release and letting go of resentment and expectations is especially true for me. I’ve known what I need to do, and it’s important, a part of something bigger. But I’m not sure how others will react, although I am certain not everyone would value the projects I am working on, or would consider them work, so there’s resentment there over the implication that I’m not doing much of anything. It’s time to let go and push through, because it’s too important not too. Oh, and I so know that tingly, scalp feeling. It’s awesome!

    PS- Wrote my first major blog post! Yay! It explores what it means to be a non-judgmental reader while still practicing good judgment. And there’s murder over pancakes! n_n

    • Kate says:

      Chani, congrats on writing your first big blog post! Murder over pancakes? Now I must read it! And I totally know the feeling when others think what your doing is just messing around. I think anyone who is self employed in a creative business can relate to that, too!

      • Michele B says:

        I’m not self employed in this yet but I want to be. I’ve already had certain people think it’s the wrong thing to do. *sigh* I’ve had some other stumbling blocks as well. Right now I read for free until I can work these things out and I look at it as practice and finding my way. 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    I love these cards. They are absolutely beautiful. What I see in the first card is to release the old. After the process of releasing comes in the second card of healing yourself. Often through the process of healing yourself you become a more wise person and sometimes you are able to pass on healing to others so I see this in the second card where you could possible be able to heal others through your own work on yourself. And once you have released the old and healed the inner self it is now time to open and connect with your Higher Self and what better way then through the Crown Chakra to see what the next step is for yourself. Where do you go from here and how. Connecting will give you the answers you need to move forward in your journey of life.

    Great reading as always Kate.


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