Tarot Reading for Sept 29 – Oct 5

Have a great week 🙂

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10 Responses to Tarot Reading for Sept 29 – Oct 5

  1. Maria says:

    A little off topic: Have you ever heard about Lenormand oracle card? If yes, what do you think about them? Or do you know someone who uses them? I thought it may be fun if you had a reading or a weekly tarot reading with them.

  2. Eillien says:

    Love this reading Kate. It’s the first time I’ve visited your site and it totally resonates with me and is brilliant guidance for me this week. Thank you. X

  3. Adelaine says:

    Hi Kate,

    I agreed that these whole reading is so feminine energy!! To me its more like the inner feminine energy rather then just physical appearance. From a young page emerged into a mature Queen path, seems like a fast growth on inner self strength . Something that a young page will learn or experience, or begin to understanding things more and have the need to apply or to use it wisely like “Queen of Swords”

    #Strength card, advises drawing from within the strength and experience to deal with and overcome difficult situations. A patience card. It feels like gonna be a joyful learning experience.


  4. miriam says:

    PAGE/makes me think of the song I am woman hear me roar, in the excitement of my new endeavor/ we can do anything if we let our passion guide us (queen )helps us hone it down to earth without mutilating someone with our Sharpe focused intensity/ strength is when your innate healing from the depths of your soul is felt and appreciated by those around you. Thanks Kate your awesome enjoyed class.

  5. jamie morris says:

    Hey, Kate–

    I’m really struck, looking at these three cards, by the Princess of Wands’ youthful, fake-it-til-you-make-it sort of energy and how, by passing through the sharply considered experience of the Queen of Swords, mid-week, she emerges much more mature, much more truly inhabiting/owning her boldness as Strength.

    Thanks, as always, for the reading!

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