You don’t ALWAYS have to be a bitch…

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin, alter ego and professional bon bon eater. She reclines on her chaise lounger gazing down on the world like a maliciously sexy cat. Let’s see what she has to say about the Six of Cups….

6 of cups

Morgan-Greer Tarot

Do you remember The Rules? It was the dating advice book that Cosmopolitan magazine had a huge ladyboner for in the mid 90’s.

Anyway, its packed with valuable advice like how to be cold an distant and mysterious. Essential skills for any woman looking to trap a man in her net of deceit and trickery! Ha!

Well, this is NOT what the Six of Cups is about.

There is a time when being a bitch is healthy, necessary and preferable. But today is not that time.

Today, it’s okay to be warm, loving and kind. Even to strangers.

I know, I know, it’s hard.

If you fear that being helpful and supportive to someone will only make you vulnerable, relax. It’s just for one day. No one will take advantage of you. It’s okay.

And you don’t have to play all hard to get this weekend either. Help a friend out. Let people know you appreciate them. Try not to tell anyone to fuck off today.

Just for today.

Tomorrow you can go back to hating everyone…

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14 Responses to You don’t ALWAYS have to be a bitch…

  1. jamie morris says:

    Does this mean–and I know this is me being perhaps unreasonably optimistic–that somebody else might be nice to ME today????

  2. SueM says:

    Of course you can be nice, as you’re dancing around the garden with your glasses of champagne, celebrating the fact that all your butts combined aren’t as big as KK’s.

  3. Darn it! And just when I was looking forward to being a monumental asshole this weekend… just kidding! Although, people better be thankful for my niceties, ;). I got asked to do a deck review, I got to send out the gift to my new subscribers, and I have a new spread all coming out this month. Whew! Yeah, I’m SO 6 of Cups, lol. Thanks for the Facebook share on my last spread, btw! n_n

  4. Sarah Dawn says:

    Just so long as its only for one day. 😉

  5. Nancy says:

    That is so good. Just what I needed to hear for the day.


  6. stella irene says:

    Oh I just love this… be warm etc etc and while you’re being warm be observant. jot down stuff in that mind. Don’t ever forget. One day it will be handy. The best thing a woman has is a great mind.. that’s why we live longer, we need to store more information.

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