Veronica’s advice: Start gossiping!

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin who spends her time getting tipsy, reading politically incorrect “romance” novels and just being all around fabulous. Let’s see how she’s twisted the meaning of the Two of Cups to fit her nefarious worldview….

2 of cups

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Gossiping is GOOD for you!

With the Two of Cups we have two people connecting intensely and it’s probably because she’s saying “OMG, have you heard what Joanne’s husband did?” and he’s all like “GASP! No! Spill the beans, sister!”

Sure, you hear some people saying things like “oh, I never gossip” or “gossiping is negative, I just don’t engage in it”

You know what I call that?

Boring. Fucking boring.

Gossiping about people you know with people who also know them can magically transform a workplace from dull to riveting!

Gossiping can turn a lame party into a den of fascinating chitter chatter.

And best of all, it gives you something to talk about with someone you’d otherwise have nothing to talk about.

So stop judging yourself for loving a little gossip. SO WHAT! It’s not the worst thing you could be doing.

Now get out there and say something bitchy about someone you hardly know!

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3 Responses to Veronica’s advice: Start gossiping!

  1. Ah, gossiping- good ‘ol human nature at work. I’ve read that one way we feel better about ourselves by thinking of those who have it worse.

    “Oh, did you see homeless dude digging for food in a garbage can? At least I have a hotel room and a mini-fridge, holler!”

    “OMG! her boyfriend knocked her up with twins and dumped you on the night of prom? Mine did the same, but at least I only had one baby and I got his Volvo after that looser refused to pay child support. Check out my new ride!”

    “Did you hear what Grandpa did? He drove straight into Jenny’s (my aunt’s) garage door.”

    Seriously, we can be such beeyotches! So sad, but entertaining nonetheless. And that last one is true. I just heard that yesterday. A little gossip can do wonders. (;

    • Yeah, I didn’t bother to proof read when I posted this. Oops. lol

    • Kate says:

      Chani, I just saw an article about how to cheer yourself up by looking at the facebook pages of your less fortunate friends! I wish I had the link, but I don’t. Kind of the same idea in a way. Also, I suspect that this desire for gossip is what spurns a lot of people to watch those crappy reality shows. But I remember telling a friend about my love of gossip and how I feel bad for doing it, but I love it and she said “everyone needs a little spice” – I think that’s true!

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