The Most Beautiful Word in the World…

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil, Tarot reading twin. She is a lover of all things mystical and smutty, and between drinking martinis and chasing after boy toys, she hardly has time to write this column. But despite her busy schedule she is about to dish out some “Goddess Guidance” from my Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck….


Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Boundaries! Boundaries! Boundaries!

Fuck, I love that word.

Say NO. Just say NO. NO. NO. NO!

I love that word too, and so should you.

Ishtar, while sporting some impressive cleavage, says “love yourself enough to say no to others demands on your time and energy.” Amen to that.

This weekend, practice saying “no” just for the hell of it. Say no to as many things as you can think of. Even things you want to say “yes” to. Except if its a free drink or a free lap dance….or anything free for that matter.

Okay, let me amend that – just say “no” to all things that will require some amount of effort or sacrifice on your part.

Remember when you were two years old and said “no” to everything just for shits and giggles? Do that! Channel your inner two year old.

By the end of the weekend you may find that you have created a tantalizing expanse of free time, deliciously devoid of annoying friends and demanding family members. Pat yourself on the back! The only downside is there won’t be anyone left to say “no” to.

In the comments below, tell me what you will be saying “NO” to this weekend…..

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8 Responses to The Most Beautiful Word in the World…

  1. Yes! Right on! Or should I say “NO!” 😉 I’ve already been practicing the fine art of putting my foot down. There’s some birthdays coming up-including my own- so I think one thing I’ll be saying no to is posing for group photos or having my picture taken when I really don’t feel like it. Being all smooshed together or having to hold a pose for more than a couple takes- I hate that! It’s nice to have this card come up. Enjoy your weekend. n_n

    • Kate says:

      Oh my god! I hate that too, Chani. Especially when the twit taking the photo keeps insisting on “just one more” or when everyone in the group has a camera and you have to pose like 10 times while a photo is taken with each one. Lame.

  2. positive outcomes says:

    A loud internal NO to allowing myself to be drawn into thoughts of old perceived unjustices that are unresolved. NO to letting them drag me down. NO to letting outside drama effect my day. NO to anyone that will not see the positive in a circumstance. Most importantly, NO to an empty wine glass during happy hour!

  3. Kathy says:

    No one left? I can drink alone.

  4. Ellen says:

    MMM it sounds to good to be true but I will give it try.
    I will say no to cooking this weekend! I so dislike doing that!

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