Tarot Reading for Oct 12 – 18

October is my favorite month! And I LOVE using my Druidcraft Tarot deck in the Fall!
To all my fellow Canadian readers/viewers – happy Thanksgiving 🙂

Please feel free to add your own interpretations and ideas in the comment section below 🙂

Have a great week!

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2 Responses to Tarot Reading for Oct 12 – 18

  1. jamie morris says:


    A few things about this reading:

    1) On a personal note: I drew Rebirth from this deck a couple of days ago, as the final card in a three-card spread I did for myself. And I’ve definitely been involved in the Druidcraft-specific Eight-of-Wands’ activity of focusing my intentions.

    2) Imagery: I notice that both the Eight figure and The Chariot driver have (or have just had) a single wand in their right hands. It’s like the Eight guy tossed his out there, and then had to give it all his focus to make it manifest.

    3) The ideas from your reading of these cards echoes the forecast for THIS WEEK from an astrology blog I follow, Lua Astrology: http://www.leahwhitehorse.com/2015/09/30/october-2015-astrology-forecast/

    Here’s the relevant text:

    A strong trine between Mars and Pluto on the 16th October may give us a driving need to complete projects, work hard or initiate change. This powerful duo is perfect for just getting it done, whatever your objective.

    We are now moving towards a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Jupiter. If we can keep our feet on Terra Firma and not be seduced by the idea of a ‘sure thing’, our investments of time, energy, love and money could see some very positive returns that could lead to major transformation later down the line.

    The only down side is that Mars conjunct Jupiter (17th October) has a habit of escalating events and trines can move very quickly as there is nothing to slow down the energy. Selfless acts of heroic proportions, winning streaks, passionate encounters, intense desires motivating great change – all these are possible but so are greedy grabs at money, power or desired objects if the influence isn’t held in check. If we can stay on the high side though, there is some thrilling potential here. This powerful pattern will be in play until the end of the month so make the most of it.

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