Oracle Card Reading for Oct 26 – Nov 1

Can you believe October is almost over?! Better get out there and roll around in some leaves and eat some pumpkin flavored things before it’s Summer again.

For this reading I’m using my Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards (by Doreen Virtue) and here’s a fun fact: the background material is actually a skirt I used to wear when I belly danced in restaurants!

Please feel free to add your own insights and interpretations in the comments below 🙂
Have a beautiful week!!!

Halloween Special!(1)

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6 Responses to Oracle Card Reading for Oct 26 – Nov 1

  1. Kat Ryan says:

    Hi Kate! Do you ever get tired after a reading? I just finished a life spread reading for a client, and after I was simply exhausted. It was the first time that is has ever happened, very odd feeling lol.

    • Kate says:

      Yes! This has happened to me many times. I find that it happens if the person I’m reading for is going through some heavy things or if their expectations of the reading are really high. If I put pressure on myself to “perform” during a reading, then I feel drained after. Or if I feel anxious that I won’t be able to help them or give a “good” reading, I may get stressed and then this makes me tired after. The one thing that helped me the most with this is simply telling myself that fixing someone’s problems is not my job and then trusting that the cards that need to come up will come up and trusting my ability to interpret them in the best way possible. It still happens to me from time to time and that’s when I know I’m forgetting one of the above things!
      Good luck and hopefully your next reading won’t be so exhausting 🙂

  2. Jamie Morris says:


    That first card makes me think that I need to continue to look for further links to include in the Resources section of my book-in-progress. I was working on that section today, and thought it was a little light. And this cute striped-stockinged fairy is confirming that!

    Thanks to you and to the fairy.

  3. osessica says:

    i listened to you on Tori’s webinar and you are so lovely and i really enjoyed listening to you. thank you for this weekly tarot report..

    blessings and love to you..

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