Leisure is not a four letter C word!

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International Woman of Leisure by day, whipcracking Tarot Reader by night! Veronica is my evil twin and she took a quick break from eating bon bons to write you this tidbit of tasty advice….so take it!

Morgan Greer Tarot

Here’s the deal. Leisure is not a four letter C word. In fact, it’s a seven letter L word. Kind of like “love” but so, so much better.

I’m going to be balls to the wall honest with you…I am a woman of leisure.

I don’t just love reading filthy “romance” novels on the beach, sipping spiked hot chocolate on a lazy rainy day and napping through a yoga class – I fight tooth and nail to make these activities a substantial part of my day.

Some women look down their nose at me for this because deep down they fear that the rapidly fraying social fabric will suddenly split if they stop whizzing around aimlessly in minivans and washing duvet covers and stuff….while simultaneously wishing that it would!

Leisure time has become so taboo in our crap “culture” that admitting to spending an entire afternoon watching incense smoke curl in the sunlight while birds chirp is the quickest way to get kicked out of book club.

So here’s a tip. Take more leisure time. Be a rebel. But say your “meditating” – this is the kind of shit monks and nuns have been pulling for centuries!


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8 Responses to Leisure is not a four letter C word!

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    I’ve long suspected that Veronica and I would do well on a road trip together. Now I know for sure. B/c, you know, we actually wouldn’t go anywhere! We’d just hang out at the first hotel we came to . . .

    • Kate says:

      yep, you’d hang out by the pool and sexually harass the pool boy – although I am not sure as “poolboys” even exist, as I have never seen one.

  2. Donnalee says:

    Actually, that is the essence of tantra–not the bogus, buymycrap this-is-so-sexy-and-botoxed tantra-in-a-weekend commercial stuff you get these days, but the actual Tibetan Buddhist(I can’t speak about Indian with equal knowledge, so I won’t) tantra: the being present, the enjoyment in each unique instant, the knowing that every instant is a version of the divine and hence equal to any other instant…so reading Regency romances while eating organic chocolate (my particular yay) and appreciating that, is ‘better’ than being at some ‘worthy’ lecture and not being present, from one view. Seeing that chocolate or that drink (or that day of hard work) as a version of the divine is its own reward. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Kate says:

      YES!!! Thanks for pointing this out – see, there are deep spiritual roots to what Veronica is saying! I often wonder though if escapism is the same as being present? I find reading great novels help me escape into another world and I’m fully present, but not present to what is actually around me. Either way, I love reading a good book!!!!

  3. jimbob says:

    Nice one Kate, especially the bit about monks and nuns lol. Bet they got up to all kinds ha ha 🙂 great stuff, carry on…. please. Jim.

  4. Nancy says:

    Love this one Kate. You are so right on………the more leisure the better…or should I say “meditating”. I think the world needs more down time. Everyone is running around and really going nowhere. If you take a little time and take in the moment you can really get so much further.

    Have a great weekend lounging around.


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