Oracle Card Reading for Nov 16 – 22

Here is your oracle card forecast for the week ahead! I am using the Vintage Wisdom Oracle for this reading…

Please feel free to add your own interpretations and ideas in the comments below 🙂

Have a beautiful week!

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2 Responses to Oracle Card Reading for Nov 16 – 22

  1. Colleen says:

    Hi Kate! Great reading for me and for all of us!!! And love those cards, beautiful.
    As of late, I’ve been studying on a deeper level my Spirituality and becoming more aware of my Soul direction and purpose. So the cards fit perfectly for me! I’ve been feeling this “transition” (or shift) in my being for awhile now and am more aware of “coincidences” happening around me. And then the TRUST card, which is my biggest fault, for I don’t trust my intuition…. until it hits me over the head. lol Continued daily awareness and following my Intuition – my Soul’s direction…. makes my heart SING!
    All the best to you,
    p.s. Still in negotiations with the house….and this house is truly our Soul’s direction (intuition) of how it all occurred. WOW! We give much GRATITUDE to all our Angels Guides, and Our Lord, for making this happen.
    What are your Guides sharing with you on your house search, Kate? May your house dreams become real!!!
    Abundant Blessings to YOU

    • Kate says:

      Hi Colleen,
      Sorry for my super late reply! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement here 🙂 I hope your house negotiations are going well, I know that can take forever sometimes. I’m glad this reading resonated with you – and I feel the same way about intuition, sometimes I forget to trust it too, crazy as that may seem!

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