Why Forgiveness is Totally Stupid

Veronica is my evil twin sister and voracious Tarot reader. Penning smut by day and vamping about the streets at night. This booze swilling “lady” won’t quit until she’s had her fill of thrills, peanut butter ice cream and younger men. Let’s see what slutty wisdom she’s rolled out for you today…

3 swords

Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway

The other day I was sitting on the beach, reading Star magazine and sipping Margarita out of my stainless steel thermos, when two seagulls started to scrap!

This one seagull was a total dick, brutally attacking the other seagull and stealing his starfish. It was quite a scene.

But then like 20 seconds later, I spy these same two seagulls sitting side by side like lovers, watching the waves crash against the shore.

WTF? I thought

My good twin Kate saidwow, isn’t the capacity for forgiveness in the animal kingdom just amazing?”

And I said “no, they’re just really dumb. They don’t remember.”

Because Seagulls don’t have big, clunky human brains they lack the capacity to ruminate and stew about the shitty behavior of others. Lucky bastards.

So the message is this: you can either be an intelligent, grudge-holding, miserable mess or dumb and blissful.

No, you can’t be smart and happy – don’t be a greedy bitch!

So get to work and start putting your attention where it belongs….on dumbing yourself down.

You can start by reading Star magazine for a minimum one hour a day – that’s been working for me 😉

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2 Responses to Why Forgiveness is Totally Stupid

  1. Donnalee says:

    I have actually known a director friend who told me that she had been very surprised and unhappy working with a certain performer on a show because of the person’s unexpectedly bad attitude. Months later she said that person was going to be in the next show, and I expressed surprise because she said the person’s bad attitude had made it bad for everyone, but she had *genuinely* forgotten she had said it and explained to me that ‘intentionally forget unpleasant stuff’ as some way to avoid stress in life. In that case, it seemed dumb to not recall that this person had made a show suck for a couple of dozen people and to let the person do it again, but I guess that was the choice that she felt caused less stress–until then she had to deal with the misery again. which could have been prevented with a clue She could have used a couple of stay-centered crossed swords and some good comprehensive thinking while staying centered–I did, and chose not to work on that show due to the expected angst and wangst! Oh well–different choices for everyone–

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