Meet Your Alter Ego: Tarot Card Spread

Just in time for Halloween, I’ve a got a spooky new Tarot card spread to help you get in touch with your dark side!

You may have come across my evil twin / alter ego Veronica on my Friday’s with Veronica blog posts and wondered how I ever came up with such a crazy character. So I decided to create a Tarot card spread to help you get in touch with YOUR evil twin / alter ego!

Your alter ego is basically a combination of your shadow self and your fantasy self.

Your shadow self is the parts of you that you keep hidden so people will be friends with you and you won’t go to prison. Your “fantasy self” is the person you wish you could be.

Repressing this part of yourself will lead to an uninspired drab life that is full of beige couches and eating Pringles out of boredom.

But integrating your evil alter ego into your day to day life will add spice and vibrancy – suddenly your life will be full of daring acts, scintillating coffee dates and hysterical laughter!

So here’s my Tarot card spread. My hope is that it helps you identify and get to know your alter ego a little better so that you can begin integrating this exciting part of yourself into your daily life…

Meet Your Alter Ego!


Printable PDF version

Card #1 - How the repressed parts of yourself are effecting your life

When you repress something, it doesn't go away. It goes underground and forms a plan of attack on your clean, nice, orderly life!
If you get a really positive card here, like The Sun, keep it's positive and negative meanings in mind since repressing any part of yourself (good or bad) may have both negative and positive consequences.

Cards 2, 3 and 4 - Personality traits, dreams and issues that make up your alter ego

This is really the meat of the reading! You should get a nice sense of what your alter ego is like from these cards. These cards may represent negative traits that you are repressing, positive traits that you hide from others, wild dreams that you've dismissed as unrealistic or simply just issues that you don't want to face.

Card #5 - How you can integrate your alter ego into your daily life

There's a fun, safe way to integrate some of the spiciness and flare of your alter ego into your life and this card gives you some clues.

Again, if you get a card that confuses you, forget the book-meaning for a second and pay attention to the symbols and what's happening in the card. Here's an article that walks you through what to do when a card doesn't make sense.

Card #6 - How to embrace and work with your alter ego

This is kind of similar to position 5. If you still feel like you haven't really connected with your alter ego yet, this card can give you some ideas as to how you can.

When I first did this spread, I got The Lovers in this position. I read it to mean that I can work with my alter ego to attain a greater level of self acceptance and wholeness but also that I should go on "dates" with my alter ego - like hour long jounaling sessions in coffee shops.

Card #7 - Advice your alter ego has for you today!

This card represents what your alter ego wants you to do right now. How they think you should be living your life and where your priorities need to go. Of course, you may choose to ignore it - but it will be eye opening nonetheless!

Here is a video demonstration of this spread:







Tell me about YOUR Alter Ego!

I hope you have fun with this spread and don't forget to leave a comment below 🙂 I would love to hear all about your alter ego!!!!

The Daily Tarot Girl


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9 Responses to Meet Your Alter Ego: Tarot Card Spread

  1. Alanna says:

    LOVE THIS SPREAD. thank you for sharing! The personality of mine was the chariot / queen of wands / knight of swords – – sensual woman who knows what she wants and how to go right for it! meow!!

    then it can be integrated through the tower, embraced by the fool & the advice for today was the sun! i am ready to let loose tonight & have some playful fun tonight at a party – time to indulge in a bit of fun when i let it go 😉

    thank you for this!! ❤️

  2. Brina says:

    I tried it . It was funney I got the Angle tarot ego card in the 7th place . It is me .

  3. Debra Morgan says:

    Hi Kate, this sounds like a lot of fun so I am looking forward to doing this spread . I am playing catch us on my email and articles on my blog so I am basically up to my ass in alligators ( Veronica I know won’t mind that language lol ) . You are great I will send feed back as soon as I can give myself a shadow self lol

  4. Gwenelan says:

    Hi! Amazing spread! I will definitely try it when I am not so tired.
    I liked the video, and I wanted to suggest a particular interpretation about some of the cards, the top three ones. They are all “integration” cards, cards that indicate different levels of blending with something else (or another part of you, in this case). I would read them as a suggestion to be less “controlled” in your approach with your alter ego, actually. Especially the Temperance card, that I see as less calculating than the Strength one (in which you voluntarily channel your “instincts”, as if you are switching channels between yourself and your alter ego).

    So I would say that you can *embrace* your alter ego by loving everything about her, not being scared of her and getting to know her deeply; then, the advice she has for you would be to use her and her abilities in your everyday life when you see that it would be useful. But the Temperance card suggests, imho, to work so closely with your alter ego and to know her so deeply that there is no difference between you two (you are integrated), so you don’t need to balance her with yourself, because in every moment you are both there – like the ingredients in the picture of the card, always there in every slice of the cake that’s been prepared. Makes any sense for you?

    I hope I can try it soon with myself, I love this idea! Thank you for the spread :)!

    • Hi Gwenelan,
      I’m so glad you like this spread – let me know how it goes when you try it out 🙂
      thank you so much for your interpretation – that does make sense and gives me some food for thought – I like it!


      • Gwenelan says:

        Hi again!

        I tried this spread for myself and a friend and it worked great for me (I am still waiting feedback from my friend)! Lol, the three personality traits were amazing: 9 of Swords, Page of Swords and King of Swords XD! My alter-ego is a really belligerent person!

        Thank you again for the spread!

  5. Christina (Tina) Bott says:

    My alter ego would be best friends with Veronica-if she likes chocolate in all forms. I try to keep her in check in public, but anyother time I let her run the show. Especially when my kids are around.

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