Christmasy Angel Card Reading for Dec 19 – 25

Merry Christmas! Here is your Angel Card reading for the week ahead. I am using my Indigo Angel Oracle Card deck (by Doreen Virtue)…

I invite you to jump in and share your own insights and interpretations in the comments below….

Enjoy the holidays!


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6 Responses to Christmasy Angel Card Reading for Dec 19 – 25

  1. Anna Leah says:

    Beautiful reading Kate!
    I bought my first set of Tarot this past week. I have opened them and cleansed them. They are a part that f me know. My question to you is what is the difference in Tarot and Oracle cards?

  2. Jamie says:

    Great fingernails!!

  3. Rose says:

    What really comes alive for me are the background colours becoming a sky.
    So the red background shows the sort of inner pain and passion required for apology (first we need to work at it… and then actually do it). Once it’s done we feel calmer (health) and the yellow background reflects that. The anguish is fading away; however, it’s not yet a sky.
    Then we get the blue sky of the last card. That calm is peaceful, and makes the anguish of the lead-up worth it.

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