Veronica’s tip for making resolutions stick

Veronica is my evil alter ego and co-author of my new workbook Your Alter Ego… Revealed!, a fun, sexy workbook that’s perfect for lazy winter afternoons. While some people are helping the homeless this holiday season, Veronica is buying herself sex toys and eating caramels for breakfast…can you believe it?!

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So it’s New Year’s eve eve today and you’re probably thinking up some ridiculously un-fun resolutions.

Like losing weight, saving money or being less slutty.

Don’t. Just don’t.

Instead, make a resolution to meet your inner alter ego and buy my new workbook Your Alter Ego Revealed!

If that’s not a dead-sexy New Years resolution, then I don’t know what is!

But here’s the thing with resolutions: don’t resolve to do something that you don’t actually want to do.

Too many twits make resolutions because they want the results of those resolutions.

Like getting up at 6am every morning to run five miles and drink a kale smoothie. Sure, you might look slightly hotter after a year of doing this, but you will also have just spent a year getting up at 6am to do unpleasant things.

Make the journey as pleasurable as the destination and you’ll be cooking with gas!

Okay, so that said, here’s my 2017 resolutions…

  1. Make time to nap every day. Every single day.
  2. Drink more red wine (for the antioxidants, obviously).
  3. Spend less time on celebrity gossip sites and more time painting scandalous ladies!

What are YOUR 2017 resolutions? Tell me now……

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10 Responses to Veronica’s tip for making resolutions stick

  1. Sid says:

    I have utterly embraced my sluttiness this year (in your honour, of course) and make ZERO apologies. In other words, at almost 40, I feel very in touch (get it?!) with my sexuality and so confident. I love the naughtiness, the fun, the respect (who says sluttiness can’t be respectful?), and the complete joy in casting off previous hang ups and delighting in romance. Years in the making. And damn, it’s good. Veronica, you’re a bloody heroine.

  2. Christina (Tina) Bott says:

    I just love Veronica ! She makes me laugh even on a bad day like today.

  3. Zoe T. says:

    Hi, Kate (& Veronica)!
    Here’s wishing you an outrageous New Year’s Eve and a deservedly even more happy and successful, “Nine + Ten of Cups” style year ahead, in 2017!
    Your own resolutions look to be super-easily kept, if nothing else!
    Naps, – 0h yes, oh yes, oh yes!
    Merlina and ten thousand, million, squillion cats can’t ALL be wrong!
    Do tell us about these scandalous painted ladies, though, some time!!!
    My own, equally easily-kept resolution for 2017, is to love my neighbour.
    Who just happens to be super-adorable, – so that’s not such a hard resolution to keep!
    And everyone’s going to be so envious, too, when I tell them, next December, that I haven’t weakened and given up on it, all year!
    Thanks, anyhow, for all you do to make the TarotGirlKate website such an addictive and inspiring source of info., help and new ideas.
    Take care!
    Zoe T.

    • Zoe! So nice to hear from you πŸ™‚ Thanks for your nice words and for reading my blog.
      I look forward to creating more fun, addictive blogs/videos for you to watch in 2017 πŸ˜‰
      Happy New Year!
      PS – merlina says hi


  4. Mel says:

    Love this post! πŸ˜€ I resolve to not make a resolution! I’m the free-spirit type and as I age (birthday coming in a week) I’ve found that resolving to do something is just not my thing. I slowly make needed changes to my life and build upon that but I don’t make strict rules for anything…I go with the flow. I’ve had incredible success doing this…I’ve lost weight, exercise (sometimes), and work on broadening my mind and spirit. It’s working beautifully for me πŸ™‚ Blessings for the coming new year to all!

  5. Babbette says:

    I definitely want to look and feel much more sexier in 2017 but more through self love rather than starving myself and working out 5 hours a day – No thanks! LOL! Happy New Year Veronica/Kate. Wishing you much success and I’m looking forward to diving into my ‘Alter Ego’ workbook Xx

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