Oracle card reading for March 6 – 12

I always love busting out my Fairy cards and today was no exception! Here is your weekly card reading for the week ahead, using the Magical Messages from the Fairies oracle deck (by Doreen Virtue). Enjoy!

Have a fantastic week 🙂

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6 Responses to Oracle card reading for March 6 – 12

  1. Zoe T. says:

    Hi Kate!
    It seems quite uncanny to me that your reading today involved so much similar material with each card, all centring on issues around upgrading our surroundings, plus re-settlement in, and adaptation to, these.
    And then when you panned off the cards, there was your adorable snoozing kitty, totally spaced-out and loving her new upgraded, super-sized cat-bed!!!
    Is this a case of your home’s feng shui interacting with and influencing the Tarot Card reading, do you think?
    Anyhow, may the Angel of the Tarot bring us all the same kind of massive environmental changes for the better, this week!
    Also, I’d love to hear your own take on my bonkers feng shui theory, sometime!
    Take care!
    Zoe T.

    • Thanks so much Zoe for watching and commenting 🙂 I don’t think i’ve shown Merlina’s new cat bed yet….that must be the old one you’re seeing. Next video I will show it!

      • Zoe T. says:

        Hi, Kate.
        Thanks for putting me right on that one!
        I was really going by the difference between Merlina’s super-relaxed cat-body language in the current one and that shot of her in the previous TarotScope video, where she looked a bit cramped and miffed about something!
        I look forward to seeing her in her new cat-bed, as and when!
        All these Tarot-related videos and blogs you and Veronica produce, are always great fun, much appreciated, thought-provoking and enlightening, anyhow, – do keep ’em coming, please!
        This current ‘Magical Fairies’ reading, incidentally, is so spookily 100% accurate, – though not for me but for my current romantic interest, – who has suddenly upped and left for a vacation in Rome (and not taken me!) much to my chagrin!
        Moving, Travel, AND a Holiday, all in one week, – but for some other, luckier person!
        Does the Tarot get its wires crossed a bit, sometimes?
        What do you make of that one, maybe?
        Magical BAD Fairies, perhaps?!
        I’d love to know!
        Zoe T.

  2. Nirmala says:

    Oops, I meant “spot on”! Damn predictive text!

  3. Nirmala says:

    Hi Kate, this reading is just amazingly accurate for what’s going on with me right now! My car died a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve had to take the bus to work and back every day. Now, my car commute is usually 30 to 40 minutes, traffic permitting. The bus journey is one hour long, and it gets me to town half an hour before work and leaves in the evening half an hour after work. It’s been hard work! The reason I’m saying this is because I’m getting a new car on Wednesday, and I’ll have to take the train at lunchtime to go get it (travel). The “holiday” will be what it feels like to not have to take the bus anymore! The New Home for Monday/Tuesday is literally me getting ready and doing all the paperwork and preparation for that new space that my car will be. I wanted to tell you this story just to say how unbelievably spit on this reading has been! Oh and I was freaked out by last weeks 8 of Swords, and then I had an experience which clarified what it meant to me: it was literally “cord cutting”!!!! I love your weekly readings, you are wonderful! Thank you for doing what you do! Love, Nirmala xxx

    • Nirmala! Thank you so much for sharing this story with me – it’s interesting to see how my general readings relate specifically to people’s everyday lives. That’s fantastic you’re getting a new car – enjoy 🙂 And thank you so much for your lovely comment – I’m so glad you enjoy my readings.

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