Veronica needs your help!

Sooooo….Veronica totally dropped the ball today. She forgot to do a reading. She was too busy smoking weed and watching ASMR videos on YouTube last night. I know, I know, I’m just as disgusted with her as you are!

So just for some crazy fun, I decided to post a Tarot card and let YOU interpret it like you think Veronica would. So take a deep breath, flex your fingers, saddle up to the keyboard and do your best Veronica impression…

Here is the 6 of Rods (or Wands) from the Anna K Tarot….

Anna K Tarot

Please post your interpretation in the comments below πŸ™‚

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23 Responses to Veronica needs your help!

  1. Chani says:

    Flaunt what you got and own you are. You are hot stuff. Everbody important to you can see that, EXCEPT for YOU! It doesn’t matter what you look like, or if you feel like a loser. You got this. Build your confidence by drinking in the genuine support, and giving zero fucks what those haters think. Are they on the podium of life practically naked and championing the size of their rod for the world to see? No. Do they have a bunch of people applauding their amazing feats and smoking bod? Again, no. That could be you, if you apply yourself. Just sayin’.

  2. Lisa says:

    This cards to me indicates victory,accomplishing a goal and getting recognition for his success. Feeling happy and celebrating.

  3. Lisa says:

    Sweet sweet victory. Winning over the competition. good news. Recognition and praise from others. A big pat on the back for doing something successfully or being a hero. A heroes welcome.Attention is on you, you may even get on your local news for this success. With the world card its on the Big channels, people all around the world can see your success on tv ,internet or newspaper. Congrats to you.

  4. Robin Casey says:

    Hi Kate. This is a very positive card. Lots of celebration with friends etc. It aspires to having a wonderful time with conducive company and the like. Good times ahead.

  5. Zombie Cat says:

    *long inhale, hold it, slow exhale then sip from martini glass*

    Six of Wands – hmmm.

    Power isn’t making other people do what you want. Power is choosing the right path for you, then unleashing it on the world. Giving a crap about how people judge you takes way too much energy. Being evil gives you all of those pesky butt bites when it all comes around again. Going to war might chip a nail, you know? But ignore your blog and watch a movie? Winning! Let the laundry rot while you finish that steamy novel? Score! Sleep in late then have ice cream for breakfast? Victory! Be your fabulous self every day without worrying about what anyone else thinks? Total. World. Domination.

  6. Juliana says:

    Leadership, success, moved by a cause;

  7. Chang says:

    The fact that its Veronica (aka The Slut) I’m not surprised she has pulled a Wand (Rod) and I’m sure its merely a co-inky-dink that its a Six (6″?) so I’ll forego the obvious, and venture into more conservative territory.

    Wands represent Fire, which I feel represents her unquenchable Passion, or in this case, its most likely Lust.

    The fact that its a 6 (again, that 6″ figure seems awful do-able, seeing that its Veronica!). But it does fit the progress she’s made thus far in life.

    She must have had a wonderful time the night before, because she is certainly ‘STYLING’ today! She’s probably feeling wonderful about her ‘position’ in life, she lives the life of a Princess, and it appears she may indeed deserve it!

    P.S. This is my first reading for someone other than myself, and its my first venture back after at least a year. So if you don’t like it, BITE ME!!!!

    I’m pretty sure I was just kidding, I’m definitely open to any and all criticism.

    Have a great weekend everyone (and especially Veronica)!!!!!!

  8. jimbo says:

    One word – Manboobs.

  9. Zoe T. says:

    Hi, Kate!
    Veronica seems to want to channel me as her spokeswoman, for another helping of her highly-esteemed reverse-wisdom, – while she recovers from her bout (yet another, I s’pose!) of self-inflicted stupification!
    She says the Six of Wands, for her, is all about foolishly boasting to all and sundry about some kind of good fortune you’ve just had, – and then reaping a whole shedload of adverse unintended consequences, for your pains!
    Keep schtum if you win the lottery, – you don’t wanna wake up to a whole pile of begging letters on your doormat, every day for the next squillion years!
    Keep schtum if you get given too much change by the bartender, – it’s God’s way of telling you the buggah has overcharged you again and again in the past and now, it’s payback time!
    Keep schtum if you find a massive bargain on booze or chocs in the supermarket.
    If you tell all your friends on TwitBook about it, when you go back for another helping, everything on the shelf will have been hoovered up by them!
    And yer’ll only have yerself to blame!
    Veronica admonishes you to learn a vital life-lesson from that stray dog over there, with a juicy bone, – does s/he go around swanking about it and letting all her/his mates have a chew on it?
    No way!!!
    S/he hightails it off to the nearest dark and secluded spot, – and if s/he’s super-sensible, s/he also digs a hole and buries it for her/his own exclusive, later, deferred pleasure, toot-sweet!!!
    You could make a similar powerful argument in the case of the sudden acquisition of super-desirable romantic partners, could you not?!
    I rather think that Veronica rests her case at this point!
    Zoe T.

  10. Nikkita says:

    achieveing something we desire and getting praised. having people by your side.

  11. Donnalee says:

    Just because ‘the crowd’ may say something is good–oh, like a rash ignorant illegal brutal war crime maybe–or pretends to think it’s good, don’t feel like you need to fall for it. Sometimes real celebration or praiseworthiness is not big and loud and public, and sometimes the emperor only wants you to THINK that s/he looks hot or is doing something great–the real victory can be in thinking for yourself, and maybe not even publicly choosing to express what you decide.

  12. James Bulls says:

    See this body? It’s hot. I mean, it’s SUPER HAWT. Now lay your money on the table ladies, and I’ll spin my sweet tuckus around this pole and shake my ding-a-ling in your face. For the right price, I’ll go nuts and you can grab my nuts.

  13. Tanner says:

    What a day! This post will be brief, about as brief as the glance I gave the 5 swipes on my Tinder profile last night. Sorry (not sorry)! I was too busy getting high. All they did was spike my euphoria. After I got waxed in all the fun places, to complete my new look (new month, new me), a girl had to veg out from her veg out. Cheers to you, dear reader. I hope winning at life feels this good for you as it does for me. Now, back to more approval seeking and creepy, yet somehow sexy, ASMR hits.

  14. Jessica says:

    If you are attractive be bitchy and smug about it this weekend. Lord it over your less than average looking friends❀

  15. Lily says:

    Travel over water, but I want to go to Australia so I think this is another sign my manifestation is coming and a positive change in direction after a difficult time, things are shifting in better direction

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