Was someone mean to you? Veronica to the rescue!

Veronica is my badass rebel twin sister who doesn’t take it lying down. She writes smut, astral travels, knows how to fly and eats cute boys for breakfast. And oh yeah, she reads Tarot too…

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Not sure what’s going on this week (Mercury retrograde?) but the assholes are coming out of the woodwork, sending me mean emails and leaving nasty comments on my blog.

Here’s a sampling of the fan mail I’ve received this week…

“You are a horrible human being. I don’t believe in you or anything you’re selling. Blessed be.”

“You spelled ‘their’ wrong again, you dumb c*nt. It’s ‘their” not ‘they’re’.

And my personal favorite…

“You could have been a hero but instead you are a zero.”

At least that one rhymed!

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you have a “customer service” job where you take crap from people ALL DAY LONG.

Or maybe you’re just sick of mean people being mean.

Do you wanna know what Veronica did? She met up with some friends for coffee, read these mean emails out loud and they all laughed. Oh how they laughed!

So…. I want to know….what was the last ridiculously mean thing someone said to you? Tell me in the comments below and we will have a good laugh about it together 🙂

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14 Responses to Was someone mean to you? Veronica to the rescue!

  1. Troi says:

    It’s funny, isn’t it? We can get a hundred lovely comments, but it’s the nasty one that seems to dominate our thoughts. You’re right, the best attitude is to laugh at the saddos who can’t say anything positive. Their problem, not ours.

  2. irish says:

    oh boy.. I work security for a very high end community…..dealing with the self entitlement and petty shit they consider inportant and their “friends” who dont even know their names get all on their high horse just by association makes me feel grateful I dont have that kibd of world if being rich means a miserable life leave me poor yet happy. blessings to you

  3. Zoe T. says:

    Hi, Kate.
    Oh, – don’t get me started on this one!
    I’ve suffered mean people, since I was very small!
    Several decades later, nothing’s changed, either!
    In this rotten world, you do take flak if you’re different for any (good, usually) reason.
    Mostly it’s because, like you have done with your ace website, you have distinguished yourself in some commendable and positive way.
    The tiny-minded/sh1t-for-brains mockers can’t bear to be reminded of (and have their consciences pricked about) their own pathological incompetence and abject failures at becoming admirable human beings.
    They’ve evidently done nothing constructive and helpful by way of making the world a kinder and fairer place.
    Unlike you and Veronica have been doing!
    They ought to hang their heads in shame over resorting to the spiteful, cowardly and contemptible habit of trolling and sniping, with impunity and from the safe, cosy anonymity of their pc keyboards, at Star Souls like you!
    If you’re reasonably thick-skinned, then your ‘water-off-a-duck’s back’ strategy is
    obviously the way to go.
    I’m not so impervious, myself, so the ‘hedgehog’ defence of keeping a low profile online and becoming a Social Media Refusnik, by way of peaceful protest, is my preferred option.
    You should regard each and every personal online attack on you, as a Badge of Honour.
    Use them to motivate you, deliberately to rile such despicable forms of pond-life, whenever you can!
    “The Internet has done much for psychiatry
    by spreading information about it,
    as well as contributing to the need for it”.
    – Alfred Hitchcock.
    (He actually said it about TV, – but it’s even more true of the Web!)
    Sympathetic TLC and Luv’n’Hugs, anyhow!
    Zoe T.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words of wisdom, Zoe. This put a smile on my face 🙂 I do get the sense these kind of people have probably contributed very little to the world (except adding to it’s misery), although I will never really know as they hide behind the anonymity of the internet!
      I just have to remind myself that 99.99% of the emails and comments I get are positive and from wonderful people like yourself. The meanies make up a small portion of the people I interact with, yet their awfulness stays in my memory longer (isn’t that silly?).

  4. Elisa says:

    You are such a joy! Love reading your Friday emails, especially last Friday when you asked US to interpret the 6 of Wands. You are so witty which to me is super intelligent! I chuckle everytime. Ignore the haters and continue to laugh at them with your peeps.

  5. Jessica says:

    Where do I start?? haha…..I have a Youtube channel and at the beginning of last week some bitch commented that she hates my videos and proceeded to write a list of other channels that were better!! LOL! I blocked her and it felt good!!

  6. Lily says:

    My dad was nasty and said I am a fat greedy bloated bitch and he said racist things about my boyfriend from India so I have nothing to do with my dad.

  7. Erica says:

    It’s everywhere…so many mean things can’t begin to remember them all. I work in the health profession and between the full moon and this, well, all the crazies came out. I loved the argumentative one that insisted because his insurance paid more than his payment arrangements he set up (he had missed 2 months) that took care of his past due arrangements….well, the insurance payment was about 1/4 of what he owes…and isn’t going to pay any more….I thought he was going to jump the counter.

    We saw him, despite not having a co-pay that day (after the above happened….) and he was irate when he left – we wouldn’t set up another appointment until his account was paid down some and he showed he could make his (low) monthly contribution he agreed to.

    And the client who wanted us to “fix” something we did 4 years ago….despite the apparent lack of participation on keeping things up….she hasn’t been back to see us once during that time….

    I “can’t” possibly know what I’m doing and my boss is “mean and rude”…..when she backs me up lol.

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