Doreen Virtue Craps on Tarot!

Well, well, well!Β  The Tarot community is certainly buzzing with gossip about the recent Doreen Virtue shocker…

Doreen Virtue, popular New Age teacher and Hay House author of countless oracle and Tarot decks has recently “come out of the closet” as a born againΒ  Christian and has denounced Tarot, fortune telling, mediumship and a bunch of other stuff.

Seemingly overnight she has shed her “New Age Guru” persona and reinvented herself as a devout Christian, reading Bible passages in her YouTube videos and promoting her upcoming book Mornings with the Lord.


Lisa Frideborg wrote a great post about this on her blog, as did Benebell Wen (note: Benebell’s posts are locked, so you have to contact her for a password. And yes, it’s worth the hassle. Trust me!)

I spent hours pouring over the comment sections of these blog and Facebook posts while I lay in my hammock getting sauced on apple cider. While some are happy for her, many people – particularly those who have taken her courses – feel betrayed.

Here is the interview in which Doreen denounces Tarot. The Tarot talk starts around the 12 min mark…

In the above interview, she talks about how she no longer uses Tarot cards and has asked Hay House to donate her Tarot related royalties to charity. She also hinted at taking some of her decks and books off the market because they no longer align with her new religious beliefs and she does not want her name associated with them.

Even creepier, her Wikipedia page makes NO MENTION OF TAROT in her stunningly massive list of published works, as if all those Tarot decks she created never existed. (This could be because her page hasn’t been updated in a while, but still!)

This is a dick move.

I have no issue with Doreen becoming super Christian. That’s her business. I also have no issue with her catering her new work to a Christian market. I am not even annoyed by the fact that she wants nothing to do with Tarot or other New Agey things. She’s allowed to change her mind and do different stuff, that’s fine.

What I find perplexing and distasteful is that she felt the need to publicly condemn Tarot (and other things). She could have quietly changed direction, which would have avoided putting her students and fans in a very awkward, uncomfortable position. More on this in a bit.

Confession: I was a fan! Well, sort of.

While I was never truly captivated by Doreen Virtue the person, I did (and do) enjoy many of her Tarot and oracle card decks. I have a few of her books and I even went to her live Certified Angel Card Reader course when she came to Vancouver back in 2013.

What I liked about her decks was that they were sweet and fluffy like cotton candy and marshmallows. They were fun, feel good decks that left me feeling happy, hopeful and slightly baked like I’d been smoking optimism joints.

But despite all this, I always found Doreen difficult to relate to, which is probably why I’ve been able to watch this whole Doreen Virtue fiasco with detached interest. But I imagine that for those who adopted her as their mentor and spiritual teacher, her Tarot and New Age rejections will be felt much more intensely and personally.

One of the things that really struck me when I went to her live training is just how much her fans idolized her. She would say things and the crowd would murmur in agreement.

I remember this one lady asked a question. I was sitting at the very back and didn’t hear what it was, but Doreen went “oooh! That’s negative!” or something to that effect and then suddenly the whole room gasped and tsk tsked at this woman, all because she may have said something that Doreen deemed to be “negative”. Doreen quickly backtracked saying “oh no, let’s not shame people” and then everyone shut up and we moved on.

But what was interesting to me in that situation was just how much influence Doreen seemed to have over her fans. They looked up to her for guidance on spiritual matters and put their trust in her in a big way.

I also think many of her fans saw her as a beacon of safety, gentleness and acceptance in the confusing and tumultuous spiritual seas. Especially for those who had been raised in a strict religious family.

I always found Virtue’s anything-goes attitude to be simultaneously humorous and appealing. Fairies? You bet they’re real!Β  Angels? Of course they exist! Mermaids?Β  You were probably one in a past life in Atlantis. Mer-Angels? Yep! Those exist too in another realm. Unicorns? Fuck yeah!

And I can see how this attitude was refreshing and intriguing to many people, particularly those of us who come from religious or athiest/sciency families.

In her live Angel Tarot class, Doreen was the epitome of warm fuzzies, wanting everyone to feel welcome and accepted. When lunch time rolled around she announced “I don’t want anyone eating lunch alone! Everyone buddy up with the person next to you!”

This struck fear into my introverted, avoidant heart and I was quick to dodge eye contact with those at my table. I ate lunch alone.

But what I’m trying to say is that she went out of her way to create a “safe space” where everyone was welcome…well, until you accidentally mutter something “negative” that is πŸ˜‰

Doreen’s foray into Tarot

In 2012, Angel Tarot Cards, Doreen’s first Tarot deck was published. Up until then she had only published oracle card decks.

She marketed her deck as the first 100% gentle and safe Tarot deck, which of course was silly and had many Tarot people in a froth. Christiana Gaudet wrote a great post about it, which I loved.

But one great thing that came out of this is that she got many people interested in Tarot who might otherwise be afraid of it. I hear from people all the time who say that they were raised with the idea that Tarot was dangerous but then when Doreen came out with her Angel Tarot deck they felt comfortable dipping their toe in.

This made me so happy!

So I would like to acknowledge that despite the criticisms of Virtue’s soft and fluffy version of Tarot, she really did make a genuine contribution to the world of Tarot.Β  And that’s what makes this whole thing awkward.

Doreen introduced Tarot to many people who otherwise would have avoided it. She broadcasted the message that Tarot is safe! It’s okay, it’s of the light! Angels are on the cards! But now she’s got a Bible on her lap and she’s all like uuuuh, I change my mind! Tarot IS bad! Psych!

This leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

It’s flaky and flighty and I’m disappointed that a grown woman is this unsure of herself. Or is she?

Genuine Jesus Lover? Or Marketing Ploy?

There is much talk that she is only in it for the money and that this new Christian angle is just a ploy to drum up more business. I’m not sure where I stand on that to be honest. I used to think she was a bit quirky yet genuine and with a smart business sense, but now I truly have no idea if she is genuine or not. I find her impossible to read.

In a video she recently posted to her YouTube channel, she explained that she’s always been into Jesus but shied away from talking about him because it irritated her audience.

Fair enough. I buy it.

But then she stumbled upon a passage in the Bible that basically said if you don’t promote Jesus you’re not getting into Heaven and she was like “woah!” and so now all her work is going to be about Jesus.

Something about this explanation just doesn’t sit well with me.

But I guess it’s irrelevant. Why Virtue has decided to go in this new direction isn’t the real issue. The real issue is how she’s decided to change direction – by taking a giant dump on her fanbase by publicly condemning many of the things she drew them to in the first place.

I think it’s a total copout to say “well, you shouldn’t have put so much trust and faith in a teacher” or “you need to stand strong in your own beliefs and not give others so much authority “ While this is all true, it misses the point.

Doreen Virtue was a teacher and public figure with a large fanbase and with that comes a certain amount of responsibility.

In the Maui Source TV interview, Virtue says “Ascended Masters cards – GONE! Tarot cards – GONE!” with a flick of her wrist when explaining all the changes she’s making in her life. She casually mentions that “none of the money from those Tarot decks comes to me anymore. I asked Hay House to donate it to charity.”

There’s something very dismissive and almost flippant in her tone here as if she is really saying ugh! Tarot! Yuck. I’m so done with that. Moving ON!

This feels very disrespectful and dismissive of her devoted audience who has supported her work over the years and this just irritates me.

Are Doreen Virtue products worthless now?

The big question that many are left with is what do Doreen Virtue books, decks and course certifications represent now? Are they worthless? Should you keep them or throw them out?

Personally, I don’t feel like my relationship to my Doreen Virtue decks has changed. I still love her Goddess Guidance and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards and the bond I have with those decks has nothing to do with Doreen Virtue herself.

Although I’m kind of kicking myself for getting rid of my Ascended Masters deck now that she’s denounced it πŸ˜‰

And perhaps it’s just my inner shit-disturber but I’m going to really enjoy using her Angel Tarot now that I know she’s “denounced” it, heh heh!

I also don’t feel like the course I took with her back in 2013 is now “worthless.” I got a lot out of that course and the fact that Virtue’s new belief system doesn’t support much of what was taught matters little to me.

I realize not everyone will feel the same way I do and I think it’s equally legitimate to feel a sudden disconnect with her products and courses in light of what she has said.

Her course certifications are a different matter though. Many people have built their intuitive-based businesses around Virtue certifications, and so the question remains: are those certifications cheapened by the fact that the teacher has abandoned her old teachings? I think they are.

In conclusion

One thing that stood out to me about Doreen Virtue was how much criticism she has received over the years. Go on any Tarot or New Age forum and you will find there’s plenty of hate for Doreen Virtue, even long before this whole denouncement of Tarot. I always assumed the level of criticism was correlated with her monetary success. And I always defended Virtue because I believe that being business-minded and successful doesn’t automatically make someone a charlatan.

And I still believe that.

Profiting handsomely from her work doesn’t make her a terrible person. Changing her entire belief system, “denouncing” Tarot and giving a large portion of her fanbase the cold shoulder still doesn’t make her a terrible person….but it does make her a jerk. And that’s being rather kind.

What do you think?

I can’t wait to read your take on this! Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts πŸ™‚

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99 Responses to Doreen Virtue Craps on Tarot!

  1. Marie says:

    Just think everyone has their price.

    I wonder how her relationship with Radleigh Valentine is going?

  2. EP says:

    Did Doreen Virtue see Jesus? No, she saw a demon who looked like Jesus and manipulated her into being controlled to keep her in order and her followers in order.

    Has anyone truly seen Jesus? Yes, but not the way Doreen describes.

    Possible reason why Doreen went Christian: She is broke AF! That sanctuary cost her to move and loose her millions. The Christian market is a great place for her to retire. Second reason is Doreen is tired of giving readings period. It is taxing on the body and mind. People do not necessarily want to change, or take the help. Maybe she got tired of it.

    Doreen invalidated every psychic, medium, channeler, metaphysical and intuitive being on Earth. Well, that includes Jesus. Jesus can do all these things. Now, Doreen is condemning Jesus inadvertently by judging him and other people. Doreen, you cannot back out of that. Own it!

    Doreen invalidated people who believe in both the metaphysical and Christian beliefs.

  3. norah coyne says:

    Tarot was around long before Doreen Virtue and I as a Tarot Reader of 25years and Angel Card Reader for over 10 years read many different decks, Doreen Virtue is not Tarot and Tarot is not her, if you are a tarot reader and believe in what you do or an angel card reader, your guides will be with you and are not controlled by the actions of Doreen Virtue. Just be true to your own paths and follow your own direction and just live your life in your own truth, many people like Doreen Virture will come and go and masses will follow and be dissapointed and be in awe, It is sad that so many people feel that they have to rely on her to be who they are, just take from the situation what ever serves you and leave the rest behind, someone coming for a reading is not interested in doreen virtue they are interested in you, thats why the universe brings them to you, we are in a world of freedom of speech, freedom of direction so where we like it or now we should not be the judge and jury of others directions, we just need to make sure we live live in a true and inspiring way ourselves and bring about positive change in the universe. These things come and go to rebalance things on the planet, so let them in let them out and let them go, just be you, that is truly all you will ever need to be Blessings and Light Norah

    • Beautifully said, Noah. I like what you said about how people are coming to YOU for a reading, not Doreen Virtue. Most people coming for a reading won’t even know who Doreen Virtue is – at least that’s been my experience. Thanks for sharing your view on this πŸ™‚

  4. Jo says:

    It’s interesting because I only discovered DV existed in the last year or so because I tend to follow much of what Hay House publishes and my instant gut response towards her was negative. I looked at a few posts or videos of hers and the vibe I got instantaneously was saccharine fake sweetness. She also gave me a vibe of being self righteous, vain, far too fluffy and almost silly. So I steered clear of her entirely. I didn’t understand why she was so popular to be honest. I suppose we all see different things in people which is perfectly natural. I personally am more drawn to earthy, real spiritual teachers, the kind that could do real psychology talk and perhaps blend it with reiki or a tarot reading.

    Even so, I don’t mean her any disrespect and I believe everyone’s journey is unique to them. I respect everyone’s right to be able to evolve and change their path in this crazy thing we call life. I suppose I just never got the feeling from her that she was particularly genuine or very sincere with it all even from the beginning.

    I think any of her followers would do best to retain what still feels real, meaningful and helpful to them then discard the rest. Each individual follower will know what that means to them to do that.

    Only other thing is, it is a shame that her denouncing tarot could have a negative effect on the world of tarot especially as we’re in the perfect age to widen the world’s understanding and acceptance of it. I hope it doesn’t do that.
    Great post by the way. Love your realness!

  5. Erica Watters says:

    Wholly moly – that’s a lot of discussion. For me, I never really understood the fascination with her decks. I just put it to the fact I simply didn’t like the style – at all. And that’s probably all it is. I didn’t even know she denounced Tarot, did a you-tube thing, etc. I wonder how many people who really only bought her decks – because I’m apparently in the minority as far as liking them – decided to follow her path. It makes sense – sort of. A reader just getting into the card reading skill, only buys her decks, she denounces them because she’s saved and they are evil – bam a whole new narrow-minded Christian following. (Disclaimer, not all Christians have a narrow view. One size doesn’t fit all. And there are plenty of other folks who are very narrow minded in their beliefs – whatever those may be.)

    • I agree Erica! And being a Christian doesn’t automatically mean not being able to read Tarot as I know quite a number of Christians who also love Tarot! Which means that Doreen Virtue could have become a Christian and continue with her Tarot reading but she has chosen a strict branch of Christianity that doesn’t allow it.

  6. Judi says:

    I find this so funny!

    I’m actually a “Born again Christian” who left the church because my Pastor told me I was being attacked by Satan and needed an exorcism when I started seeing ghosts in 2004. I went from being a member to looked at like Satan was working through me to infiltrate the church.

    I have taken many of her courses and have no issues with her. But do think its a backstab that so many “certificate” programs are now trash. It kind of was a big thing to state ” I have many Doreen Virtue Certifications” now lost all value.


  7. Leann says:

    Thank you for opening up and speaking your mind
    Doreen brought me into tarot but the only deck I got was the Jesus deck before I realized the direction she was heading. I thought she was just going to talk about Jesus and Christianity a little more and not denounce almost everything else she stood for.
    I did take the realm reader course because I thought it was interesting and fun. But now I feel kinda dumb for taking it. It’s almost like getting a degree from a university and then the school shuts down soon after. What good is the degree now?
    I’m just glad I don’t have her other decks lol.

  8. Teri Ehr says:

    I wonder what her recent tarot and oracle card partner Radleigh Valentine thinks of all this? Will he get the profits from their combined decks or hand it over to charity, too? My personal take from the nan0-second I saw this a couple weeks ago….. marketing ploy. My second thought: So when she says she is only going to pray with people, you think she will shut of her psychic abilities and/or not mention anything she “gets”? I. don’t. think. so.

  9. Well….I DO think Doreen is being…how shall I put it…..NEGATIVE?? Personally speaking I have never really taken Virtue herself all that seriously. She’s always struck me as one who’s a bit too impressed with herself….. in fact using her own image to utter distraction in at least one of her Angel Tarot Decks. Seeing her face plastered on so many of those cards impelled me to stop using them. Having said this, I do enjoy working with her FIRST Angel Tarot deck for many of the reasons you have pointed out Kate. I too enjoy their lighthearted and uplifting quality. They will remain a staple in my collection. In fact I have been eagerly anticipating Virtue’s new Animal Tarot Deck due for release in October. Hope it’s published anyway. She can donate the profits to some of the outstanding animal charities out there doing good work on behalf of the world’s creatures! I’m sure Jesus will approve as well so Doreen can rest easy.

  10. Lisa Brown says:

    I never took to Doreen Virtue. I followed her on YouTube, only watched 3 of her videos ever, never really connected with her readings or her as a person; there was something that was just not right about her, and I could never really pinpoint what that was in my mind. I would look at her decks over and over, because so many people owned and used them, but none spoke to me, so I never purchased any.

    I do think it unprofessional to denounce what made her a public figure and what she spent so much time teaching. She feels relieved by this shedding of the new-age philosophy, like a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders. How heavy was the new-age weight she carried around for so long? Did she want out of the new-age life and is using this new path as a legitimate way out? I am not questioning her religious believes at all, just trying to understand her mindset in this complete turnaround.

    She spoke of the worship of images as gods. I did not think that those who read oracle and tarot cards were worshiping the images on those cards: unicorns, mermaids, fairies, etc. I always look at the images as part of the message. The images are simply a way to speak or relate to us on this earthly plane; the images are a way to communicate, we recognize and relate to the images, to see the message(s) being given us. I do not worship them nor do I know anyone who worships them. Doreen is intimating that those who use these cards, with these various images, are worshiping them, and I don’t believe that to be true.

    I still don’t know what to make of her.

    Kate, your opinion of her, this whole ordeal, to me, are spot on, and I could understand and relate to all that you said πŸ™‚

  11. Gloria Crossley says:

    I agree with your blog post on this. I thought Christians didn’t speak ill of others so perhaps God will sort that out for us.

    I want to know is Doreen going to give all the money she has made out of Tarot and her followers she has now spoken ill off and their purchases to charity. As I good Christian she should

  12. Kerry says:

    I for one have never been a fan, but I rationalised by accepting that she brought many to begin their spiritual journey, even if she did make a lot of money out of them. Now I have nothing except, fingers crossed when people come for readings they won’t say “Ohhh haven’t you got Angel cards?” ‘cos no, I don’t and it looks like I never will. Oh well.

  13. Deja says:

    Kate, I love this blog. I feel your reaction is very similar to mine. I felt very very confused after that announcement but I also felt like she made me feel guilty for using Tarot. I did hear her say that using cards was ok but not for predictions, she seemed more against predicting because it’s against the bible. She said using cards is ok for “messages” etc. However, it still made me VERY confused and I felt like am I doing something wrong?? I don’t usually use tarot for predictions but most of my readings always end up predicting things either way. I often look back at old readings in my journals and they are always spot on about things that will occur to me. Maybe they are meant as advice rather than prediction or a warning…either way I just felt very very odd after that announcement, also not because she loves Jesus now but that she denounced her old decks and wants nothing to do with them and the fact that she said tarot and prediction goes against the bible. I still have many of her decks but i hardly ever use them. I also feel lost and confused about Archangels. I only recently started to get into them and now she is all about Jesus so I was like wait are we now not supposed to talk to them either lol? She kept saying you have to go directly to God or Jesus (if I remember correctly) I will keep her decks and pass them on to my niece.

    Thank you for this blog post!!! So glad I am not the only one lol.

  14. Stephanie says:

    I was wondering if more people who are in the spiritual/new age community would speak on Doreen Virtue’s sudden change of heart for Tarot/Oracle Card readings… I really enjoyed your thoughts about this and I plan on reading other’s thoughts on this as well. I said all that to say, I totally agree with you. Doreen has every right to change her mind and follow whatever path she feels is best for her; but the fact that she would her denounce the tarot and oracle cards is mind boggling and it is definitely a big F you to the fans she’s had for years. I will continue using the products I have but I will never buy anything with her name on it again. I kind of had a feeling though that somthing like this was going to happen, because she started driving the whole Christian thing just a little too hard but again, her choice. I just hope that this wont deter people from using tarot and oracle cards and they won’t renounce their spiritual journeys either because their afraid.

    Thank you for speaking on this and suggesting other posts to read.

  15. james says:

    I confess I have signed on for some of her classes and have a number of her decks, even the Jesus deck which, to me felt very incomplete. She has said she was into Jesus for a long time but Hay House made her down play it. But, yeah, she did dump on her fans who had felt save with her.

    Personally, having watched her videos and her online classes, I always felt there was something not very real about her. I never could figure out if she was controlling, condisending (sp), or if she felt she was above those she was talking to.

    Either way, she’ll still make a lot of money on her new batch of products to a newer market.

  16. Diana says:

    Well, I’m one of those morons that have bought a lot of her decks, books and paid for certifications. I have a certified angel therapy, certified angel card reader, 21 days to higher energy, flower therapy with Robert Reeves, and paid for the certified angelologist yearly course. Even went to Maui last year with my family for 10 days so I could take the angel intuitive and reclaiming your assertiveness a workshop for women. While at the Maui conference, I enjoyed all of the speakers. But I didn’t feel any belief or sincerity from Doreen. Maybe that’s because she was already transitioning to a more Jesus based belief. Also, I do think she is really sensitive to energies and has a hard time being in a room with 500 people. So do I. So, I listened and did find a few things of interest from her. But mostly, it was her guest speakers. They were all excellent. Her son and his wife were especially right on point. So were Radleigh and Robert. To be honest, I have always been wary of Jesus people. They just seem to be so unchristian to me, at least the extreme ones.

    I can’t really decide which way to feel about this. On one hand, I love Radleigh Valentine and Robert Reeves, their courses, decks and books. They have helped me a lot. I’m not getting rid of anything. And I love Doreen’s Angel Tarot deck. I’m keeping it. She has helped me in the past and I’m going to continue to use what speaks to me.

    I totally feel scammed. But I keep telling myself that I’ve helped care for her animals. Something near and dear to my heart. I’ve learned a lot from Doreen, Radleigh and Robert. Not throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    • Thanks so much Diana for sharing your experience here. That’s interesting what you said about not really loving Doreen’s talk in person, but enjoying the others. I found her to be quite flat and one dimensional when I heard her speak at the live CARC training, but Radleigh was great. I think your attitude to all this is pretty healthy – you recognize what you’ve learned from her but also admit to feeling scammed. And I don’t think buying her decks/books/courses makes you a moron, but I think that is the unfortunate result of Doreen’s behavior – many of her fans/students will end up feeling like idiots that were duped.

      • Diana says:

        Thanks Kate. I suppose she has been doing the new age thing for over 20 years and has hit her ceiling. And since she was always leaning Christian, it’s not surprising that she’s moved in that direction. It is the disrespectful tone, censorship of any and all questions regarding her certifications now that she’s denounced them. Crap, I paid full price for that angelologist course. Kind of feel like entire threads or questions shouldn’t be deleted. But we are all human, prone to upset, especially after being bamboozled. I’ve deleted my angelologist account. Didn’t ask for a refund. Believe she will use it to care for her animals. But, I can go to church to worship and read the bible if I so choose. Unsubscribed from newsletters from Doreen at Hay House. And I’m not sure I’ll be buying anything from them either. Extreme Christianity that judges others, promotes themselves as superior, and even hates other sects of Christians just isn’t my cup of tea. It is too hypocritical and not at all in line with Jesus. No thanks, I’ll find my own way and walk my own path.

  17. Nirmala says:

    I wonder what Veronica Noir would have to say about all this 😜 Then again, it may just be too naughty to say… In fact, I bet she’d use those Angel cards for some pretty subversive readingsπŸ˜‡πŸ‘„πŸ‘ πŸ’„

  18. I just really don’t appreciate that when I asked some valid questions on the Fairyologist forum they were deleted. Then Doreen came onto the forum personally to live chat with us. I repeated my questions and then I was banned from the group.

    Luckily I kept a log of the entire lot because I knew she likes to censor her students:

    I think she’s in a really tough place right now. I feel bad for her. But she does have to accept some accountability for duping people. I’ve heard that now she is downsizing her animal sanctuary – the one that the Fairyologist course was supposed to be paying for. The same course she is still selling even though she says Goddesses should not be worshiped anymore.

    I’ve always had my own very spiritual path outside of Doreen. I found her wackiness entertaining, and I liked a couple of her decks. I’m glad I never invested too much belief in the things she said, but I do want my money back for the supposed animals that were supposed to have a forever home…!

    You can see the whole log of the live chat with her here:

    • Thanks for sharing this Celtic Fairy πŸ™‚ Deleting your posts was bizarre and obviously meant to silence anyone asking questions. This just strikes me as a really strange (and disrespectful) was to treat one’s audience/clients/students.
      Good for you for your insistence on getting answers.

    • Deja says:

      I just watched that video at the top of this page and apparently she moved to a different island that is 10x cheaper and is 50 acres so she kept all her animals and continues to rescue them. I am at least happy about that.
      Deleting comments is super shady!!! somehow that doesn’t even surprise me!

  19. Carissa mcdonald says:

    I have loved reading comments and I also love my Doreen virtue cards and books.. I feel maybe she has moved to another path (whether I support or not) that’s ok she led me to my own journey in spirituality… Maybe this is just an omen to trust ourselves and absorb what resonates but also have courage to disagree with what doesn’t.. I won’t let her new path intfere with mine.. I feel empowered that she is just a source of information and guidance and I can absorb but make my own way.. Ps I’m tired of rules let’s just do what feels right for us

  20. Mel says:

    While I have never been a fan of her or her work, I didn’t mind it. I own a few of her early decks, the Goddess Oracle being my favorite and I still use it to this day and probably always will. Everyone has their “thing”. I got that about her and her work and those that followed her way of thinking, to each their own.

    I do believe that everyone has the right to change their mind, their ways, their beliefs and I 100% support anyone who does that for positive change in their own lives. Truly. Everyone needs to be true to themselves, no matter what. I get that, totally. But I can also totally see how those who purchased her courses, etc. could certainly feel a bit cheated and deflated. I can see their point when/if they feel betrayed. It has to suck losing someone that you admired and looked up to, that got you through some rough shit in life. My heart goes out to them. I just hope they find that the true guide they seek is within themselves.

    Loved this article, Kate.

  21. Eve says:

    Thank you so very much for this post I really needed this to help me solidify what I already felt. Even though I followed Doreen, I held fast to the belief there has to be balance light and dark. You cannot have one without the other. When I heard her news I still felt as if I had been sucker punched, I felt well stupid! Personally it seemed she was never 100% comfortable with any of it. I took her course and to be honest the only thing that made it really worth while was Radleigh Valentine. When doing sample readings within the course it was as if she did not understand what the cards were saying and it was Radleigh who would say well what I get is…. and it resonated with the receiver. I would think if you developed a deck you would know it like the back of your hand! The very fact she brought him on board says a lot to me. Pretty much all of her cards have someone else’s name on them, so who rode whose coat tails? Perhaps it is best she removes her name from the decks.
    I personally will continue to use the decks I have purchased, they are MY tools and I read them as I feel I am directed. My readings are not all fluffy and I love the artwork. Doreen was not my first introduction to Tarot, I truly feel bad for those who had no prior knowledge of Tarot and took her word as the end all be all. To those people; keep learning, everyone’s spiritual journey is their own, her path simply crossed yours. <3

  22. Lois Hastings says:

    I feel that as a spiritual leader and teacher she is being hugely irresponsible in dumping all her previous beliefs and work so publicly, and thereby dissing the people that have bought and used her many packs of cards over the years. I wish she’d had a little bit more humility and grace in going public. And of course she now will be making a small fortune out of her new books and cards.

    • I feel the same way, Lois. I also find it weird that she is immediately turning her new belief system into a business venture. Does she ever take a breath?

      • Linda says:

        I felt she was turning out decks so fast I wondered when she was going to hit a wall and run out of ideas. I figured when she announced she was Christian she would start turning out books and decks for her new audience. I own a couple of her decks but I really didn’t follow her. I do feel bad for the people that believed the stuff she was teaching and paid a lot of money for her courses. I think that was a giant rip off and she lives a very nice life on the money she made. I’m sorry but I think there is a big jerk factor here with the way she has treated her followers.
        I think she will probably denounce a lot more of her previous work but will probably do it bit by bit so she doesn’t get people any more upset than they already are.

  23. Wendy says:

    Not sure why we are talking about her at all if the ultimate hero is Pamela Colman Smith and Rider Waite. She was not authentic, but just a copy cat. Full stop.

  24. Chris says:

    I am a Christian, but I understand that people have a different path than mine.

    That being said, I feel Doreen’s new path in Christianity is vague. Not once have I heard her proclaim the Gospel, which is the crux of Christianity. The Gospel (which means “Good News”) is that Jesus’ pure blood was shed to cover us and that he defeated death ONLY to make us righteous in front of Elohim- the Most High. This is how he saved us. And you are covered and shielded by this purity by simply believing this truth.

    It is that simple, truly that “black and white.”

    That being said, her messages are long and winded and she could simply denounce all of her past work, absolutely proclaim the Gospel, and it’s finished.

    As Shakespeare wrote, “the lady doth protest too much.”

    Most importantly, Jesus says in Revelation 3:16 “Since you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth.”

    My prayer is her santiication is taking time, but Christianity is proclaiming the Gospel completely, and I hope she soon does so.

    • I wondered if there were any Christians who were suspicious of her. It kind of reminds me of someone who cheats on their spouse and then marries the person they cheated with – wouldn’t that person then be suspicious of their character and loyalty? Anyway, thanks for sharing your take on this, Chris.

      • Genevieve says:

        Yes, I read some of the comments on YouTube videos and that Steve man who interviewed Doreen in YouTube, he left New Age for Christianity are not convinced that she is really “saved” and “walking with the Lord”. Especially born again Christians have a very strict dogma and Doreen actually is still too liberal to fit into it. She will get a rude awakening because they are not convinced and they will let her know it. There is a big diversity and a lot of animosity between people who are very conservative and those whom are very liberal Christian and a both sides can be very strong in their beliefs and clash.

  25. Jacqueline says:

    I never gravitated towards her and thought her rather disingenuous. I do have two of her decks but rarely used them. I feel rather sorry for those who hung on her every word. Despite all of her love and light, I just sensed a rather Machiavellian vibe from her.

  26. Sarina says:

    I always suspected that Radleigh Valentine was the creator of all the tarot decks. Doreen can’t read tarot. I’m liking the fairy tarot cards and they are great for beginners because the meanings are all written on the face of the cards (probably to help Doreen remember the meanings, lol). So I figure “lesson learned” and it’s time to move on. I was one who took her courses to improve my business prospects, but maybe that’s not really why we should take a course? My bad.

    • I think you’re right – I believe Doreen might have even said somewhere that Radleigh wrote the Angel Tarot book and she just put her name on it, which is actually what I suspect she does with many of her decks and books. There is NO WAY one person could write as many books as she has in such a short period of time. I have a friend who thinks she has a whole team of sweatshop workers in some third world country writing all her books, LOL. I don’t know about that but I know ghostwriting is a big thing for famous authors who just don’t have the time to crank out books.

      • Carolina says:

        If you read her books they’re mostly about recounts of people’s experiences with angels, so she doesn’t even write a thing in the first place!

    • Lisa Brown says:

      YES! I thought the same thing about who the “real” creator of the decks were.

  27. Tracy says:

    I did not read all the comments, so I apologize if this has already been said, but the reason I was never drawn to her work in the first place was that she did not acknowledge the shadow side of life and that if you have light, you also must have shadow – and that the shadow should be embraced and integrated to make you a whole person.

    I have read a number of opinions on this just because I am fascinated by what people are saying. Your is the only opinion I have read so far that includes first hand experience with Doreen. Thanks!

  28. Lisa says:

    Cards are tools and courses are information…use them how you have been anyway …is anyone really selling their own courses as ‘Doreen Virtue or themselves? Anything I choose to do is about me and my beliefs…otherwise wouldn’t a course I achieved in teaching years ago now be no longer useful just because the tutors and content has changed or no longer exists? Definitely not…so why would this be different? Other than feeling personally betrayed by someone that none of us really knew other than through public arenas and published materials for the most part….want a belief system just look within …align with someone else that is like minded and check beliefs you hold are true for you…the rest us just ‘stuff’ in my opinion, of course. πŸ™‚

  29. Zoe T. says:

    “She’s not Doreen Virtue, – she’s a very naughty girl.”

  30. Thank you for the mention and for calling it what it is: gaslighting. When someone claims to be a drama-free zone, stirs up this amount of drama by dumping on her former students and then proceeds to refer to those students as being ‘used by lower energy’/demon possessed when they speak up against how they are being treated, we need to realise what we are dealing with.

    She should be held accountable both as a business woman and as a ‘spiritual teacher’ (in the loosest sense of the word).

    You may want to get some more of that apple cider out because I have managed to find her deleted video from April where she talks about demon possession and problematic relationships in the New Age, how her husband got her into watching NDE videos about people being rescued from hell by Jesus and the ‘real Jesus’… She wanted to make this video go away because it is so blatantly judgey that it could kill her income stream. Let’s make it go viral:

    Because Radleigh Valentine is speaking up in defence of Doreen Virtue and because he continues to teach based on material that she now has denounced as being channelled from ‘lower energy’/demons, I am asking for accountability from him as well in an Open Letter

    I did the same with Hay House and got a generic copy and paste reply with the same lies already mentioned above.

    I’m not happy that people are being lied to – especially not by people who I have handed significant amounts of money to over the years. For the record, I tried to get the money back from the Angel Intuitive course since I now consider my certificate useless. However, it coveniently fell outside the 60-day window and I seriously doubt that it is a coincidence that the Maui TV interview happened in safe distance from that window after HH’s latest big marketing drive.

    • Hey Lisa!
      Thank you so much for the link to that “deleted” video. I have been dying to watch it after seeing it mentioned in all the online discussions on this. Watching it made me realize how much Doreen reminds me of a politician, smoothing over things like it’s all good.
      After saying we should get rid of the Ascended Masters book because it’s not aligned with God’s Will, she says “it’s all part of your spiritual journey as well as mine, were doing this together”. Um, no we’re not!
      That’s a great letter you wrote to Radleigh. It will be interesting if he responds or not. That’s very frustrating that you feel so unheard by Hay House. I imagine this is a PR nightmare for them, but I wonder if they will change their approach if they hear from enough people. I know a lot of people have been contacting them asking for refunds.
      Thank you so much for the strength and clarity of your writings on this topic – what Doreen has done to her students and fanbase is not okay and I love how you were one of the first to stand up and say so.


    • Teresa says:

      Lisa, thank you for taking an Indigo stance on this issue.

  31. Lisa says:

    Tarot to me is a way to get images for people who dont have images popping in their mind so the cards are the intuitive images so they can be a psychic or intuitive themselves. Nothing wrong with getting images in a different way with the help of the cards. it would be NICE to get images and not need cards but hey we all dont get lucky like that. And for some the card enhance a psychics intuition who can already see things. The bible is old school. Those were teachings that dealt with B.C. times, not 2017 times. You cant expect to take every verse as truth and to live by when it goes back BC, like i said we are living in 2017. I feel like she went from the top and then drop down a few notches. She is going backwards. I thought she was dealing with Jesus while making cards anyways. Im not a follower of any human so i only know about her by others who follow her, some people need others to follow i guess but this is exactly why i dont follow humans they change and fall from grace and do alot of things that make me say nope i dont follow anyone, they are only human not to be put on a pedestal. I feel like she is an extremist its all or nothing with her, all angels and guides. Now its all Jesus and everything is dropped. its just extreme with her like a pendulum way over here and then way over there.

    • You’re smart to not follow anyone. I take a similar approach. I find some teachers/authors inspire me and their writings might strike a chord but I’ve never been so utterly entranced or seduced by someone that I felt like “following” them. Thanks for sharing your take on this πŸ™‚

  32. Kaia says:

    I have followed DV for years and I have some decks by her including the Ascended Masters Oracle Deck. And reading and watching a lot of material today about her new path and sort of turning her back on her former students/followers etc. And the message that came to me by night is that she is actually doing us a favor. She is stirring the spiritual community and by this everybody has to look in the mirror and think about the way we are on. What is genuine, is tarot of the devil, what is my path and why am i on it. There is no right or wrong. There is just a different path for all of us. Doing things out of love is the way we can ascend. I will continue using some of her decks, and I am grateful that her change (even though I do not maybe like it) has made me grow. And may the one that has no flaws throw the first stone.

  33. James Bulls says:

    “Genuine Jesus Lover? Or Marketing Ploy?”

    Why not both? LoL Doreen Virtue didn’t make her millions by being ignorant of her audience.

  34. I just became a Certified Fairyologist within the last couple months – before her big announcement, but after her Baptism and encounter with Jesus. Here is the blog I wrote on my thoughts regarding Doreen’s spiritual path:

    The Fairyologist course validated a lot of the knowledge I already had about fairies and gave me some new tips to implement in my readings. In the end it doesn’t matter that Doreen’s name is on my Fairyologist Certificate. It only matters that my name is on it.

  35. Leanne D says:

    I totally agree! I could never take to her either! I have only knew about her since April from when I got into Tarot and Oracles but she never appealed to me and I thought I was only person on the planet 🌏 who just couldn’t ‘take’ to her. There was actually talk on a YouTube channel that she was a TI which I had never even heard about and had to Google it…. 😯

  36. Mela says:

    Well, it was no secret that she believed early on in God, Jesus and angels, mermaids, unicorns, fairies (I was hoping for a dragon deck, but I found the Celtic Dragon, so it’s all good) and she talked about reading the bible while still being into Oracle, Tarot and psychic readings. While some people found comfort and a connection because they too were drawn to the cards and were clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient or claircognizant (or maybe all) some wanted prediction readings to the point it was a dependency, like a drug. But she found nothing wrong as these tools to help serve others and even found scriptures to support why they were helpful. So it really shocked the shit out of me that she used scripture to say it was bad. And if she knew about all this during her conversion in February, why was she still doing reading up until a couple of weeks ago? Then puts out a devotional? And her 4th husband uses her last name from her 2nd marriage? Sorry, I veered. She is free to choose and change as her she feel. But I feel the change is a financial one. They own a ranch, the rescue many animals which is wonderful, but that costs alot. Maybe to keep up with mounting costs and to keep rescuing more, they needed to find other ways to bring the money in. Christian audience has money. Plus she does have a background in psychology so, she knows what she is doing. It’s just super shitty to just dump everyone off to the curb curb and watch them wash down the gutter as this rain of her business change goes down. It’s disturbing. I have christian beliefs, and I’ve always been drawn to tarot, oracle, angel cards and psychic abilities, even before I knew what they were. I was told I was wrong, evil, filthy and being used by the devil. Then I heard of Doreen Virtue and I felt safe and after going into hiding for so long, I finally came out of the closet and embraced my, as some called it, my “inner FooFoo.” Now I feel dissed and handed over to the religious police by Doreen, after supporting her by buying about 15 of her card decks. I don’t want to go back into the closet – it’s dark in there!

    Yeah, I’m confused by her actions, but at the end of the day, it’s dollars and cents, it seems.

    • Mela, thank you so much for what you wrote here. I think you summed up how many feel when you said you “feel dissed and handed over to the religious police by Doreen.” I think that is the group that is going to feel the most dammaged by this – those who have a christian background but were able to “come out of the closet” with their love of Tarot/mediumship, etc, because of Doreen’s teachings.

      But hear me when I say this: there is NO REASON for you to go back in the closet just because Doreen Virtue has changed her mind. NO REASON! So I hope you continue to enjoy working with the Tarot and not feel any need to hide it. I support you in this πŸ™‚


  37. Karen says:

    Great article and pretty much along the line of what I wrote on my Facebook a while back so I’m in complete agreement.

  38. Jessica says:

    I feel DV should have retired quietly to whatever religious path she chose…however I feel this may be a possible re-branding…whatever path she chose, the way it was handled seems very disrespectful to her thousands of loyal followers. I was subscribed to her on YouTube and followed her weekly readings because she did have such uplifting and positive messages, but ever since she moved to that austere ranch I felt her energy to be difficult and uncomfortable…I could barely watch anymore, now like you said, her Bible in her lap for the weekly message just seems like something is up. I’m raised Catholic but do not carry the out dated modes of judgement, I feel DV is going backwards…but wish her well on her path.
    (I hope the Hay House Charity is not her farm lol!!)

  39. Elle says:

    Very pissed off, I purchased the Angel Therapy class and the CACR and Fairologist course. I wasted money on these courses and now they are worth a lot less since she renounced them.

    I don’t care if she wants to be Christian but I don’t like how she blew us her fans off. I put her cards in the back of a cabinet, I was going to throw them out. I am not going to use her cards in my professional practice anymore.

  40. Teresa says:

    Interesting article. She nor Hayhouse answered any of my question such as why is the Ascended Masters deck gone but not the Goddess Oracle is okay (DV stated it would not be pulled)? At least they did not remove my comment from the CACR(tm) page, but did not directly answer because she would have to tell the truth, and she is not exactly doing that. But I came to the realization that she does not have to answer my questions, she does not owe me that, and I am done with her BS.

    But let’s talk about Doreen Virtue and tarot. I have had a like/dislike relationship with Doreen Virtue for years, but I come to realize that it was not so much her, but some of her twit like cult followers who could not have any normal conversation because it was too negative, so would end a question with love and light because they could not answer it. I do have the CACR certification, the only one now and I made a suggestion to Hayhouse to reissue them as they are all electronic with just Radleigh’s name as the certifying person, but they will not do it, but I do not need the certification so I do not care and of course got it on sale. The fact that DV and Hayhouse screwed the first audio students, which I have been vocal about, no longer matters to me either. As for tarot in my view, she denounced and renounced the Ascended Masters Oracle and at least renounced tarot by her expression, works, and actions in the Maui Source TV interview. I listened to it myself and heard it with my ears, saw it with my own eyes. Even her work with Angels was changed. People freaked and the tarot community, particularly, was vocal.

    I called Hayhouse that day and got my money back for two courses. I did not feel I wanted to continue the Angel Intuitive course, what was the point and I was not really digging it anyway. The other course, I had taken earlier in the year which was a Crystal Reader Course, and I did not love it either, but it had some components of divination to it, so I got a refund for that too. Others did not. Further later in the year, DV is releasing an Crystal Oracle, advertised as divination. Ironically near the same time the Animal Tarot and her new book, Morning with the Lord will be released. Sitting back watching it with curiosity, I wonder how those products will sale.

    Back to tarot, a few days later a called Hayhouse back for a question and got in a altercation with the customer service that told me DV had not denounced her work because she had a statement about that. I told her I do not care what PR crap she and Hayhouse came up with did you see the Maui Interview on youtube, she said no I recapped it for her. I told her she should educate her self about it, and at the end we had a nice conversation and I sent her some information. Nevertheless Hayhouse’s and DV position is that her work is valid, even though now it is not for her, and all certifications are valid, even though the teacher no longer believes in her work, including angles, no longer 15 but back to the one mentioned in the Bible.

    Worse than that is DV is like a person driving in the middle of the road taking up two lanes, when she is doing a Christian interview she leans more to one side with her wheels barely over the line, and when she is doing a Hayhouse statement she goes tot he other side with her wheels barely over the line. Meanwhile you are just going pick a lane. She is inconsistent and doing the PR to cover-up what she said and did, which was not taken out of context, but has the audacity , now this is the kicker, to blame others, fear based energy, and drama, but takes no personal responsibility. Doreen, pick a lane, you can’t have it both ways and the fact that you say one thing in one camp, and another thing in the other camp just makes you seem like an inauthentic liar. Pick a lane.

    So I caught as much as I could stand to hear of Radleigh’s show with Doreen Virtue to explain the tarot statement and mess she made. Of course, again blaming other people because she is a public figure. She now says that she never created the tarot, Radleigh wrote the Big Book of Angels and created all the decks, she just put her name of them and so now tarot is not for her, she does not really know how to read them, which is closer to the truth. But in other interviews she paints a different picture that tower is of lower energies, and if pushed she will say well that could equate with the Devil.

    So what has this done personally to me? I have no problem she switched camps, she always leaned Christian, but again you cannot be a born again Christian and hold on to her body of work as it does not mesh, especially with what she has said on interviews, the Christian slanted ones. I find it more interesting, but what sets me off is her playing the victim in all of this, being attacked, being misquoted, twisting the truth, taking little accountable for that Maui Interview and thinking people will want to hold on to tarot decks with her name as they will be collector items. Well Hayhouse over saturates the market on everything DV, so I doubt they will be worth much because there will be so many of them out there. She can’t have it both ways, and I am sorry she did denounce and renounce some of her works. Now Radleigh says that he is sick of hearing denounce and renounce these are such older works, too bad, that is what she did. I like Radleigh, my opinion of him has not changed, but Doreen Virtue is a noose around his neck right now as far as business and career as possibly for other co-authors, although she did not seem to denounce flowers. Over the years I have gotten rid of a number of DV decks, but I have a few ones, my relationship has not changed to much with those as I took them for the fluff they were but sometimes they came in handy, and I like the life purpose one for life purpose readings. My relationship has changed with the tarot decks, I do not want to use them with her name on them, but the truth is I never liked them much anyway. The Angel Tarot for me was a bunch of pretty angels so I had to flash the RW in my mind to do them, switching the 8 and 11 of course. The Archangel Power Tarot worked better, but I have the first edition with awful blue cheese stinky art and what some called the family and friends deck. I did not buy any more of their tarot decks, they simply did not appeal to me. However, I have seen some cards from the Animal Tarot, but will not buy that either, not until DV’s name is taken off. Most likely I will either burn the two tarot decks in ritual or give them away, I find I just do not want them anymore or to work with them, and they have set unused for years anyway.

    But let me make one more point as this is getting long, in Radleigh’s recent show with DV, purpose to explain her position, she again had the ego based audacity to say the tarot decks would be a collector’s item, the ones with her name. Really?

    I wish DV well and this is not a big loss to me and I spent little money over the years with her, but do have some free books, but I wish she would stop lying as she sets off my Indigo BS meter. That is right on the I did not denounce/renounce any of my work, well it is like Bill Clinton saying he did not have sex with that woman. Just tell the truth and get on with, but I suspect she is trying to figure out things too, although she made this conversion earlier in the year so you would think she would have had a better plan. But her being the victim, blaming everyone else for causing drama, misquoting her, well it is not working for me especially when I see her play both sides of the game depending on whether a Hayhouse crowd or a Christian interview. Pick a lane! We all have to do that and she is moving on as well, but being honest about that and that indeed her work from her point of view much of her work is not longer valid for her. Now if she taught you something that works, do that, but if not, let it all go and wish her well. She taught a very valuable lesson in all of this if you sit back to see it.

    • Elle says:

      I tried to call and to get my money back for the cacr course and I am sol. I am outside the 60 day window and the Hay House customer service person I talked to said that Doreen isn’t taking her name off her decks and that she hasn’t renounced Tarot. BS!!!! I am really disgusted and I feel very angry with Doreen. I wasted money on the Angel Therapy class and the CACR and I don’t deal with born again Christians. I had a thought to myself last year, thinking wouldn’t it be ironic if Doreen renounces all this and goes to born again and sure enough. It happened. I want to be a mystic and stay with this, but I feel so angry with her. It is hard to get past the anger, I was one of those idiots who got too wrapped up in her charm and fluffy bunny. I guess the fluffy bunny has a spike collar now.

      • Christine says:

        Elle, I purchased the Angel Intuitive/CACR package. I requested a refund and they said, “no”. I explained that I had purchased it for the certification, and that I now felt that it had no value. If you want, I can give you my exact wording. They canceled future payments (I used the payment plan option) and gave me a store credit for what I’d already paid. I hope that helps.

        • That’s good to hear that they refunded you πŸ™‚

        • Elle says:

          I finished paying off the course in April of this year and Hay House says that they will only refund courses within 60 days of purchase for the cacr (certified angel card reader). I paid for the Angel Therapy Practitioner through her website with paypal so I don’t know if that is an avenue I can pursue. I don’t think Doreen cares we are upset and that is what pisses me off. She invalidates us her former community.

          It is little consolation, but, my dad was a pastor in a fundamentalist church when I grew up, I know their culture. Doreen is going to find a patriarchal society, she is used to being the top one but in a Christian church her role will be service like taking meals to the ill or working in a soup kitchen. She wants to be “born again” which is conservative, in the more conservative groups, she will not have the same freedom to speak her mind like she used to and be the leader. She would have to stick with a more liberal group. I am not saying they are right or wrong, just explaining the cultures. Conservative groups she can’t preach to men and there are a lot of restrictions, she is used to being the leader. And again, I hope this doesn’t sound snarky because it isn’t meant that way at all. but look at how she made her money, a Tarot deck and a book and a $400 course on average for each book plus the live classes. Most conservative Christian families do not have that kind of extra money. Many are working class and their money will go for their living expenses and their children’s needs, not for a $400 course on Jesus. They just can’t afford it and they won’t want to hear about the law of attraction.

          I don’t care that she wants to be a Christian. She is very liberal, a lot of the conservative ones do not think she is “right with the Lord” so she will have to contend with that.

          I am angry at how she has invalidated us and with the fairy class how she is deleting comments and she has crapped on the certifications.

          I bought all of them, the Angel Therapy Practitioner class, the Certified Assertiveness Coach and the Certified Angel Card Reader, the Fairologist course, the Realm Reader and I took her course offered through Hay House about Dreams she did with her Daughter in law Melissa Virtue and I even went and took some of Melissa’s courses. I think Grant is the one whom she is referring to be as born again. Doreen referred in one of her videos to her son being born again. I looked at their instagrams, Doreen is not following Charles anymore, you can tell if you follow her in the instagram app and then check Charles Virtue’s account page and she is following Grant’s page.

          I am angry that she invalidates us and is being so poor public relations.

          Hay House isn’t really trying to be diplomatic about it either. I wonder how long that relationship between Doreen and Hay House will work on a practical level because if she wants to publish Christian books she may have to go to Zondervan or another Christian publisher at some point. I think Hay House is seeing how her first book coming out in October does.

          It isn’t a problem with her being Christian, the problem is the public relations and how she is crapping on her former fan base and those of us whom bought our certifications. My business is as an intuitive.

    • Thanks so much Teresa, for sharing your views here. I was wondering how that show with Radleigh went, so thanks for the recap.
      What did she do to the first audio students? I was part of that group and so I’m curious.
      That’s good that you were able to get a refund for those two courses and I LOL’d at your conversation with the HH rep.
      And yeah, I get where you’re coming from with the “pick a lane” thing. I think she said that Jesus wants her to “be a bridge between the New Age and Christian Communities” – in other words, convert people from the new age over into christianity. Probably why she isn’t picking a lane!

      • Teresa says:

        Kate, I felt really screwed being in that first audio class. They would come out with another live run and do add on and then charge the certified CACR(tm) $25, but yet that was more if you added what you paid and the $25 than the new students were being offered. And then they did it again. Doreen Virtue response to this as I was vocal about it was sorry you feel that way, I could have charged a yearly fee to keep the CACR certification but I decided not to that. Really? And then if you bought the audio when the class was updated to video, they should have enrolled us in that for free as we were already certified but they wanted another $199. Are they kidding, no. But eventually I did get the new video course and for free, and it was so much improved over that first course, and the advanced course, which I was less than pleased with but I did not know about refunds back then or I would have gotten one. So it has all evened out now and really no longer matters since Doreen Virtue has devalued the whole CACR(tm) thing anyway. Who wants a certification by a teacher who claims her teaching and certificate is valid but then turns around and tells the Christian community through two interviews now that she did it all wrong and you can only use cards for contemplation, which yeah that is not what she taught.

        And she who speaks with forked tongue, tells the new agers one thing and the Christians another is not a bridge but a liar. There I said it. Now Hayhouse is hocking all 4 of her (and Radleigh’sO tarot decks tonight 4 for $40, that is like getting two for the price of one. Well good luck with that, you can even give these decks away right now and they have no trade value like other decks either.

        Hayhouse was full of crap, so because she put out statement (or rather a lie) and Hayhouse reps are told to say it, does not mean it is so, and I was not having it, not that I made any difference except I had already gotten my money back for two things, and I did not push the CACR since I took that back in 2012ish, I figured I could live with this with the two refunds, although I wish Hayhouse and Doreen Virtue would not lie about it (oops that is that word again. Like Lisa I am Indigo as well and we can detect BS–and this is the stuff that politicians do).

  41. Amy says:

    I stopped watching her videos once I got a sense she was going down this new path. It’s cool that she’s following her own path, but I can see where it would be triggering for people who found her while exploring a new path from Christianity, only for her to now renounce all of that. So I’m not surprised by all of this. But Scarlet Moon has put out some great videos talking about how we are moving away from gurus and people need to learn to trust their own hearts and find their own paths instead of idolizing gurus like Doreen Virtue.

  42. Kathy says:

    I never cared for her one way or the other. She always struck me as fluffy at best and derivative at worst. So her decampment wasn’t on my radar.
    This post is making me take a more serious look at the issue. I now feel for those who feel betrayed. Loyalty is important and she could become a devout Christian without wiping her feet on her fans.
    As an aside, I think there is great power in gratitude for the path that brings you where you currently stand.

  43. You read my mind when you said you couldn’t relate to DV. I thought I was the only one who felt disconnected. I have her Angel tarot cards, but don’t really think I want them anymore. Turning her back on the very people who trusted her as a spiritual leader and then saying they shouldn’t have trusted so much is at best disingenuous. Thanks for speaking your truth. Blessings!

    • You’re not the only one, Melissa! Although I felt that way too when I was at her live class. I kept wondering what I was missing because everyone around me seemed so entranced by her.
      Thanks so much for your comment πŸ™‚

      • Teresa says:

        I have at times felt that perhaps something was wrong with me because I could not connect her as others had. I tried. I explored, but I just did not really. Now I see nothing was wrong with me, perhaps it was that I never trusted Doreen Virtue and with good reason, although I did not realize why until now.

  44. Donnalee says:

    Eh, I think folks can do whatever they want with their own beliefs. I never 100% bought her ‘sincerity’ all along, while seeing that many folks found her sincere. I am sorry that they feel hurt.

    She always always struck me as some sort of godsquad person anyhow, so I am surprised everyone is surprised that she is. Good luck to her. I do see that denouncing her own stuff–and by extension those who made her a zillionaire buying it–seems unwise and not-compassionate. Why not say that Jesus loves the suckers too and include them in whatever her next exploitative moneymaker scheme is…?

    I suggest folks should just keep what they want of the material and leave the rest, just like in real life–and if she no longer speaks to my interests or yours, then I personally might not spend money on supporting her–just sayin. Everyone’s mileage may vary, and I know it has upset a lot of folks. Best wishes to all–

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