Tarot Spread: Breakup or Stay?

I recently “let go” of a friendship that had been slowly fizzling out and was inspired to create this Tarot spread. This spread can be used for any kind of relationship that you’re on the fence about – romantic, friendship or even work related.

*I haven’t numbered the cards because you can read them in any order you like

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If you stay...

What Needs to Change?
This card will give you ideas on what needs to change in order for you to be happy in this relationship.
(Example: The Hanged Man = I need to stop being so passive and accommodating)

How should you act (moving forward?)
This cards gives you insight into what aspects of your personality you need to tap into while you navigate this relationship.
(Example: The Queen of Swords = be a bitch who speaks her mind!)

If you go...

What was the purpose or meaning of this relationship?
If you want to fully release this relationship in healthy way, it can help to understand it's purpose in your life and what you learned, instead of writing it off as just another failure.
(Example: 7 of Pentacles = This relationship taught me patience.)

How do you let go?

This card can give you insights into how you can best release this relationship, get over it and move on.
(Example: 3 of Cups = celebrate the good friendships you have)

What action should you take?

This card will (hopefully) help you decide whether to end or continue this relationship.

When I did this spread I got the Princess of Wands from the Heart & Hands Tarot, so I asked what would she do in this situation? and after thinking about it for a bit I decided she would choose the path of least resistance - the one that gave her the most energy.

I hope you enjoy using this spread in all your relationship conundrums!

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6 Responses to Tarot Spread: Breakup or Stay?

  1. Jackie Burchett (@jackieb714) says:

    I just came across your site and I love what I have read so far. As I was clicking on various tabs I noticed under your card meanings it was only completed through Justice and the rest were coming soon. I noticed the comments under some of them were a couple years old. Are you still planning on completing the rest of the card meanings? I really liked your descriptions of the ones I read. It is very easy to understand and I was hoping to see more. Thanks!

  2. Monica says:

    Just did this spread and I feel I should go…. for the 2 if I stay cards I got the emperor and judgment. …for the 2 if I stay cards I got ace of pentacles and eight of pentacles and the action to take was ten of wands…. I feel the relationship has ran it’s course and I learned there are new opportunities if I keep working towards it and that if I stay it will end up that I go anyways…. thank you for the spread it was exactly what I was looking for

  3. Jamie says:

    Nice spread, Kate, with helpful examples! I’m just heading into a new spread-crafting phase–and hopefully it will be more productive than the previous one. Maybe you could make a course and/or workbook about creating spreads!

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