4 Keys to Amazing Tarot Reading: Free Webinar + Live Q & A

 This is a replay of a live webinar that took place on
Wednesday, April 16th 2014

In this Tarot Webinar, I will show you how to:

Use your intuition to read the cards

Interpret the negative, “scary” Tarot cards in a positive, empowering way

Connect the cards in a Tarot reading

Use my 4 keys to give readings that truly AMAZE people (and yourself!)

The webinar is followed by a live Q & A session, where I answer all kinds of questions about reading Tarot!

I hope you have fun and learn some new tricks!


Free Audio Download!
How to Read Tarot Cards with Love, Light & Intuition

44 Responses to 4 Keys to Amazing Tarot Reading: Free Webinar + Live Q & A

  1. Mara says:

    Please do this again, Kate. Judging by all the comments it was super amazing and it sounds like something that would be a great help to me!

  2. Jodi says:

    Oh no – I’m getting an ‘expired’ message for viewing the webinar. Any way to view it still, or should I be content to wait for the next one? Super excited!

    • Kate says:

      Hi Jodi,
      Thank you for letting me know about this – I did not realize that spreecast has changed their policy and now deletes all webinars after 7 days, unless you pay a monthly fee. This is so disappointing! This was a good webinar and so I plan do it again in the future (as a free webinar). I am so sorry you were not able to view it, but I promise you that you will not miss out and I will do it again – the best way to be notified is to get on my mailing list if you aren’t already – http://www.daily-tarot-girl.com/newsletter-subscription/ 🙂

  3. Ashley says:

    I just watched this all today! It was wonderful and full of useful exercises and great questions and answers, Thank you so much!

  4. Trina says:

    I always hated using intuition and went with the typical book definitions. But doing your exercises I realized I am capable of getting an answer without the book. The book doesn’t always answer the querants question and I hate having to look it up. It feels so much better to do it this way. I think once you know the basics using your intuition is the way to go because the answer is always going to be different with each person.

  5. SueM says:

    Hi Kate,
    I enjoyed you webinar and found your tips really useful.
    The Justice card got me as well until I read recently that
    justice is cause and effect; taking responsibility for your
    own actions, sort of a two way street. Being aware of the
    balance between what you do and how it affects others,
    same as cause and effect I guess.

  6. Sue King says:

    Did not see your live webcast but just watched the recording now 🙂
    how do you know what is your birth card ? (Think that was the last question that was asked) many thanks

    • Kate says:

      Hi Sue,
      To find your birth card, you add up all the numbers in your birthdate – the number you get is the number of your Tarot birth card. So if you were born on March 3, 1980, you would go 3 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 24, then 2 + 4 = 6, so the birthcard would be The Lovers.

  7. Brenda says:

    sorry I missed the live version, looking forard to the next one 🙂

  8. Mikki says:

    I watched this today – two days later and was blown away! You are a beautiful soul, Kate, I have followed your blog for quite a while; I have learned so much from you! You have a delightful manner, you are a beautiful soul – I love you, keep up the good work.
    Love and Light
    x Mikki x

  9. Vivian says:

    Waiting! Waiting!!! \o/
    From Brazil! =D

  10. Deborah says:

    I just signed up. This will be great! Thanks, Kate! 🙂

  11. Cara says:

    How fun! Thank you for doing this Kate!! I want to join in. Due to work, I may end up being about 10 min late. Will it be ok to hop in then? If it will mess with the mojo, I will wait until it’s over and watch the replay when that info is posted. Thank you!

    • Kate says:

      Hi Cara,
      Love to have you on my webinar! You can pop in anytime you like, I won’t know if your late and it won’t mess up the mojo, so no worries there!

  12. Susan says:

    Hi Kate,
    Not sure how to sign up? I see there is a spreecast sign in up top but it looks like to join spreecast via facebook, etc. or is it to sign up for your webinar? Also, will you have a replay for your webinar if I can’t make it? Thank you, Susan

  13. Sarah says:

    Hi Kate,
    I’m so excited for this webinar! How long do you think it will last? I can only stay tuned in until 8p.

  14. Vivian says:

    Ahhh I cant wait!!! You’re so lovely! 🙂
    Thank you for help us! 😀

  15. kirti says:

    I love your blogs and will eagerly waiting for it..

    I am in…

  16. Rita says:

    Hi Kate,
    Love your site. You are so refreshing and down to earth, you make learning tarot a joy. I would love to attend the webinar and will try my hardest to do so, but in case that’s not possible is there any chance it can be recorded then played back at a later date?

    Keep up all your fantastic work, love an light


    • Kate says:

      Yes, don’t worry Rita, there will be a replay available after 🙂
      Thanks for your compliments – it’s nice to hear I make learning Tarot a joy 🙂

  17. Janice says:

    So looking forward to this! I learn so much from you!! Jan

  18. Tara says:

    Hey Kate, I am so happy that you are giving this webinar! I can’t wait. You are so helpful! Your interviews, your blogs, videos, etc….thank you so much ? I have really learned so much from all you have offered. Looking forward to April 16th!
    Hugs to you,

  19. Nikki says:

    Thanks for this webinar. I can’t wait!

  20. Sue Kowal says:

    Looking forward to it❤️

  21. I always welcome any input.
    Peace and love and look forward to this seminar.
    Peace and love

  22. Renée Bissonnette says:

    You are so good and very right on with your Tarot readings with what is going on in my life.
    Thank you!
    Renée from Quebec

  23. Rori Montoya says:

    Looking forward to it!

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