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How to Read Tarot for Yourself (When You’re Feeling Emotional)

Have you ever been told you shouldn’t read Tarot for yourself when you’re upset or stressed out? This is because your brain (and intuition) are effected by strong emotions and it can make for a biased, unhelpful reading. But here’s … Continue reading

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3 Tarot Exercises to Reveal the REAL you!

The one thing I love, love, love about Tarot is that it’s an amazing tool for self exploration. And you know what? I feel like I’m always saying “tool” when I’m describing Tarot. I must find a better word. Okay, … Continue reading

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4 Secrets to Being a Fabulous Tarot Reader (Part 2)

In last weeks post, we covered intuition and connecting with your Tarot deck as ways to enhance the quality of your Tarot readings. So now it’s time to dive a little deeper and tackle context and connecting the cards in … Continue reading

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4 Secrets to Being a Fabulous Tarot Reader (Part 1)

Any Joe Schmo can be a Tarot reader, but not everyone can be a FABULOUS Tarot reader! There are specific skills that a fabulous Tarot reader possesses and I’ve narrowed it down to four distinct elements: The ability to engage … Continue reading

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The Dark Side…of those “Good” Tarot Cards

Everyone has a dark side. Everything has a dark side. And Tarot cards are no exception! Each and every Tarot card has both a light and dark aspect and today I want to focus on the BAD side of those … Continue reading

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What your LEAST favorite Tarot card says about you…

A while ago I wrote a blog post about what your favorite Tarot card says about you, but I think it’s actually your least favorite card that is the most revealing… I was inspired by a fellow youtuber who said … Continue reading

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How to Read Non-Illustrated Minor Arcana Cards

Have you ever tried reading Tarot with a deck – like the Tarot of Marseille or the Thoth Tarot – whose minor arcana cards don’t have pictures on them? Did you feel blank and empty and wonder what am I … Continue reading

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10 Tarot Reading Must Haves (that every Tarot reader needs!!!)

Let’s talk TAROT ACCESSORIES! We all know that intuition, Tarot knowledge and intention are all important in a Tarot reading, but what about PROPS? While the right sunglasses, lip gloss and boots make you feel like a hot little number, … Continue reading

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8 Questions Your Tarot Cards Have for YOU!

Ever notice how you’re always asking your Tarot deck questions, but it never asks you anything? You must feel like such a Nosy Nellie sometimes! Well, that’s about to change… In the past I’ve written posts like 20 Questions to … Continue reading

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Are Tarot Cards Safe?

Every year I get countless emails from people who feel drawn to Tarot, yet are simultaneously afraid of it. “I am so fascinated by Tarot but I don’t want to open a can of worms.” “My husband says that Tarot … Continue reading

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