The Daily Tarot Girl's Guide to...

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

4 Week Tarot Adventure

  • Week One

    Ignite Your Intuition!

  • Week Two

    Understanding the Tarot Card Meanings

  • Week Three

    Exploring Context & Combinations

  • Week Four

    Tarot Maps: Spreads, Layouts & Connecting the Cards


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How this course works...

Class Schedule & Format

Each Tuesday a new lesson is released. I will notify you via email and the Facebook group as soon as I've posted the new lesson. Each lesson contains about four 15 minute videos and several worksheets.

April 4th - Lesson One: Ignite Your Intuition!
April 11th - Lesson Two: Understanding the Tarot Card Meanings
April 18th - Lesson Three: Exploring Context & Combinations
April 25th - Lesson Four: Tarot Maps - Spreads, Layouts & Connecting the Cards in a Reading

Live Q&A Sessions

Saturday, April 15th @ 12 noon (PST)
Monday, May 1st @ 6pm (PST)

To participate in the live Q&A session, call 641-715-3670 (access code: 420030) at the appointed times. Long distance charge may apply. I recommend using Skype, as this is usually the cheapest option.

Q&A sessions are recorded and will be available for download.

Private Facebook Group

The private Facebook group is only for students of this course and it is a great place for you to ask questions and connect with fellow students. There will be weekly challenges and contests and it will all take place in the Facebook group. If you haven't checked it out yet, stop in and introduce yourself!


Throughout the course I will be encouraging you to share certain parts of your worksheets in the Facebook group. Participation is totally optional. Some people learn best with group activities and social interaction and others prefer to do their own thing. I want this course to be as fun and stress free as possible for you - do what feels good for you and leave the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the live Q&A calls and how do I participate?

There will be two Q&A calls spread out over the four weeks. Dates and times are TBA.

Details will be emailed out and posted in the Facebook group prior to the Q&A session. But just in case you miss those communications, this is the number you will call: 641-715-3670 (access code: 420030)

What if I can't make the live Q&A call?

All Q&A calls will be recorded and a replay emailed out. They will also be available for download on the main course page (here!)

If you cannot make the live Q&A but would still like to ask a question, please send your questions to with the subject line "Q&A questions" and I will answer your question during the call.


How do I ask a question?

Please post your Tarot questions in the Facebook group. I will be monitoring the group regularly and will respond within 24 hours. You may also ask a question during the live Q&A calls (see next question for details!)
If you are having trouble accessing the course materials, please contact me directly at

Something isn't working. What do I do?

Please contact me directly at if you are having any issues accessing the course material - I will get it sorted out for you!

Why can't I access all the course materials right now?

A new lesson will be released each Tuesday. Think of it as a slow tease 😉
Lesson 1 - Ignite Your Intuition (April 4th)
Lesson 2 - Understanding the Tarot Card Meanings (April 11th)
Lesson 3 - Exploring Context & Combinations (April 18th)
Lesson 4 - Spreads and Connecting the Cards (April 25th)



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