Readings by Veronica Noir

How fantastic would it be to have my evil twin and alter ego Veronica write you up a personal reading tailor made to address your big question/issue?

I know…. it would be extremely fantastic!

Well, your in luck! When Veronica isn’t yachting in Belize or sipping lychee martinis on a beach somewhere, she is busting out her Tarot deck and dishing up tough-love advice.

Veronica’s one-card, one-question readings help you with your deepest agonies and quandries. Her reading style is very unique (*ahem*…she’s a total bitch.) But she’s one sassy banana and her advice is spot on, enlightening and often exactly what you need to hear.

Check out some of her sample readings right here.

So now you must be thinking “but a reading with Veronica….that diva probably charges $500 a second. I could never afford that!”

Think again…

Veronica has graciously offered to waive her usual reading fee (a bottle of fine champagne + your soul) for Daily Tarot Girl readers and serve up her devilish advice for only $20!

I know, I didn’t believe it either when she told me.

Your reading will be approx 25o words and sent to you via email. A photo of your card is also included. 

Important!: Veronica’s Tarot reading is no substitute for legal, medical or financial advice…or advice of any kind, really, particularly your mother’s. Veronica will refuse to answer any questions about other people – so don’t be a nosy-pants! Also, she doesn’t do future predictions.

Price: $20

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*After you complete your payment, please fill in the form below. You may only ask ONE question, so make it a good one 😉 You should receive your reading within 72 hours.

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