E-Course: How to Give A Life Purpose Reading

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In this fun and spiritually uplifting E-Course you will learn how to give yourself and others a Life Purpose Reading using Angel Oracle Cards. No experience necessary – all you need is a deck of Angel or Oracle cards!

In this E-Course you will learn:

My special formula for doing a Life Purpose Reading (for yourself & others)

How to connect and communicate with your Angels & Spirit Guides

The central themes of your Life Purpose

How to put the guidance you receive into practice in your daily life (so you can truly begin living your purpose and creating your dreams!)

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Have a conversation with your Angels and discover your life’s purpose.

As an Intuitive Reader, I am always getting asked questions like “what is my life purpose?” or “Am I on the right path?” ~ It is my wish to help you answer those questions for yourself, using your Angel Cards and your natural connection to Spirit.

I am a newbie to cards and learned so much

flowersfrom all the info you gave. The class went beyond doing the standard read of the card - I loved learning new ways to look at the cards, comparing them and looking for patterns. Great class! Would love more!"

Linda Cossel

This class is experience based – you get to give yourself a Life Purpose Angel Card Reading as I walk you through all the important steps. From connecting with your Angels, laying out the cards, interpreting each card in their position and getting accurate, uplifting guidance. And of course, how to actually put that guidance into practice in your daily life!

You will come away from this E-Course feeling confident, empowered and positively buzzing with spiritual energy!

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What’s in the Angel Card E-Course?

An in-depth audio tutorial (1 hour) that you will be able to download and listen to as many times as you like.

My special, hand illustrated Life Purpose Angel Card Spread (Pdf file), which you can print out for future reference.

My Action Plan worksheet, to help you turn your goals and dreams into reality

20 min video, where I demonstrate how to give a Life Purpose Angel Card Reading (for all you visual-learners!)


I gained more confidence in my reading abilities

lilyand trusting my intuition when it comes to oracle card reading. I loved the structure of the class – introducing angel card readings, connecting to the angels and then slowly going through a self-reading. I found the self-reading part to be especially helpful due to the in-depth explanations of each card position in the layout.”

Courtney K

I loved Kate's Life Purpose Angel Card Reading class!

Even thnahanni-faithough I've got a fair amount of experience doing life purpose readings, I still picked up tons of great tips from this class. This course would also be fabulous for beginners, as Kate comes across as very approachable and makes it all seem totally doable. She's always got fresh, creative ways of interpreting the cards, and her approach is super down-to-earth and inspiring! I don't like to throw the word 'empowering' around too much, but this course truly is empowering - fantastic for building confidence and helping you get in touch with your intuition in a simple, easy way. If you've been looking for some guidance to help you learn to read angel cards, and want to know more about your life purpose (who doesn't!), I highly recommend this class!

Nahanni Faith

When does it start?

Whenever you’re ready! When you purchase my e-course, you will get instant access to all the course materials.

Is this course for me?

This is an open-level e-course, perfect for beginners and experienced readers alike! If you want to learn how to give intuitive, heart-centered Angel Card readings and explore your life’s purpose, this e-course is for you!!!!

The best part is that you can go at your own pace and re-visit any of the course materials whenever you like.

I enjoyed everything about this class

lilyparticularly the passion, spirit and energy that Kate brings to it. This was a pretty darn good, comprehensive class!"

Theresa Mills

Price: $33

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About me

My name ismebeach2 Kate and I’m a Certified Angel Card Reader, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Life Coach. Giving a life purpose angel card reading is hands down my favorite kind of reading to give! I am so excited to share my techniques and secrets with you and I can’t wait to inspire you to have more fun with your Angel Cards!

Love, Light & Angel Hugs,