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Oracle Card Reading for Tuesday

Today’s Oracle card is Waterfall ~ Effortless and it is here to remind us that life is not supposed to be difficult. If you find yourself struggling and striving, remember that there is a different way…. Take the path of … Continue reading

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Love ~ Oracle Card for Friday!

The oracle card for Friday is all about Love and Compassion. When you notice how you are surrounded by love, its easier to feel love, and then its easier to emanate love. So begin by noticing love wherever you find … Continue reading

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Fog ~ Oracle Card for Tuesday

Things are not as clear cut as you’d like them to be today. The fog has rolled in and you are clamoring for clarity. Relax – you don’t need to know everything right now. Take things one step at a … Continue reading

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Dreamtime ~ Oracle Card for Wednesday

The card of the day is Dreamtime ~ Creation from the Earth Magic Oracle, reminding us of the power of dreams and our ability to manifest. All un-manifested things and all possibilities already exist in the dreamtime (another dimension). If … Continue reading

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Weekly Forecast Reading with Earth Magic Oracle Cards!

The upcoming week looks wonderful – plenty of celebration, a bit of clearing out old junk and even some much needed stillness mixed in. In the comments section below, let me know which card resonated with you the most. Personally, … Continue reading

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Oracle Card Reading for Friday!

Wolf (Instinct) is today’s oracle card and it’s message is to trust your own instincts, even if ignoring them may seem easier in the short term. You have an innate ability to know exactly where to go, what to do … Continue reading

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Oracle Card for Thursday ~ Ocean: Ebb and Flow

Today’s oracle card is Ocean: Ebb and Flow and it speaks of the ups and downs that we experience through life. There are times of plenty and busy-ness and then there are times of quiet and rest. What phase are … Continue reading

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Daily Oracle Card for Thursday ~ Forest (Breath)

Today’s daily oracle card invites you to explore the calming power of your breath and the grounding energy of the forest. If you feel stressed today, remember to breathe. Connect to your breath by letting your attention focus solely on … Continue reading

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Daily Oracle Card Reading for Monday ~ Milky Way

The message of today’s card is to step back and look at things from a larger perspective. When you look up at the night sky and see how huge the universe is, it is hard not to feel insignificant. But … Continue reading

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