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4 Secrets to Being a Fabulous Tarot Reader (Part 2)

In last weeks post, we covered intuition and connecting with your Tarot deck as ways to enhance the quality of your Tarot readings. So now it’s time to dive a little deeper and tackle context and connecting the cards in … Continue reading

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8 Questions Your Tarot Cards Have for YOU!

Ever notice how you’re always asking your Tarot deck questions, but it never asks you anything? You must feel like such a Nosy Nellie sometimes! Well, that’s about to change… In the past I’ve written posts like 20 Questions to … Continue reading

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“I Don’t Play Games” = B.S.

Happy Friday! Let me introduce you to my evil twin sister, Veronica. She lives to smear her bitchy attitude all over your mind and dish out her best advice. When she isn’t busy seducing everyone, day drinking in her backyard … Continue reading

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Oracle Card Forecast for Jan 4 – 10

For this reading I’m using a deck I haven’t used in ages! The Life Purpose Oracle Deck….. Have a great week 🙂 xoxo Kate

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Best of 2015: My top 10 Tarot Blog Posts!

As 2015 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on everything that sucked about this past year (I can’t help it! I just do stuff like that!). But you know what didn’t suck in 2015? The 10 Tarot blog posts … Continue reading

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Free Webinar: Getting Started with Tarot

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be buying yourself a new Tarot deck for Christmas! Whether it’s your first deck or your 100th, I know you’ll be wanting some fun exercises to try with your cards. Look no further! Here … Continue reading

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Tarot Reading for Dec 14 – 20

Here is your Tarot reading for the week ahead! I’m using my trusty Crystal Visions deck for this reading…. Have a wonderful week 🙂 xoxo Kate

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The Most Rebellious Way to Read Tarot….EVER!

Are you tired of reading Tarot in the same old, tired, boring way? Are you ready to kick things up a notch and read outside the box? You know how you shuffle the deck and then randomly choose some cards? … Continue reading

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My 3 Favorite Tarot Card Spreads…

As I’m preparing for my upcoming webinar/online class on the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, I’ve been thinking a lot about spreads. Tarot spreads I love, Tarot spreads that suck, and the spreads I come back to again and again like … Continue reading

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Stop being polite and start giving unsolicited advice!

Veronica is my evil twin/alter ego and she takes over my blog on Friday’s to impart her bitchy wisdom. When she isn’t Tarot reading, she’s seducing some buff young thing at the gym, penning sultry smut on her laptop and … Continue reading

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