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Tarot Reading for Sept 5 – 11

A powerful week ahead! I can’t wait! I’m using my Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot for this reading…. To sign up the the Card Reading Magic Summit (FREE), go right here: https://gj248.isrefer.com/go/crm/kate/ Have a fantastic week! xoxo Kate

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My Updated Tarot Deck Collection

A few years ago I made a couple videos about my Tarot deck collection and since then I’ve been bombarded with requests do make a new one that includes my new decks (since everyone knows I have no self control … Continue reading

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The Most Rebellious Way to Read Tarot….EVER!

Are you tired of reading Tarot in the same old, tired, boring way? Are you ready to kick things up a notch and read outside the box? You know how you shuffle the deck and then randomly choose some cards? … Continue reading

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20 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Cards Tonight

It’s time to go on a hot date…with your Tarot cards! Now that Summer is here, it’s the perfect time to pack up your Tarot deck, a journal and pen and head off to the beach, a park or your … Continue reading

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Tarot Reading for June 15 – 21

Here is your weekly Tarot forecast reading….and it looks like an interesting week! For this reading I’m using one of my favorite decks – the Hezicos Tarot… Have a beautiful week 🙂 xoxo Kate PS – You can sign up … Continue reading

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Tarot Card for May 18 – 24

For this weeks reading, I felt drawn to choose just one card and to use my Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot deck… Have a beautiful week, and please feel free to add your own interpretation in the comments below 🙂 xoxo … Continue reading

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Tarot Reading for Feb 9 – 15

For this Tarot reading I have dusted off my Paulina Tarot, which I haven’t used for ages but I’m falling in love with it all over again! Have a beautiful week and feel free to add your own interpretation of … Continue reading

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Radical holiday ideas from Veronica

Veronica is my evil Tarot reading twin. She enjoys sneaking in dirty gifts at her workplace’s Secret Santa party, avoiding shopping malls and buying herself lavish gifts on Amazon.com. Let’s read her advice for the holiday season…. Meditation is like … Continue reading

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Notice the Good Shit!

Veronica is my sassy, foul-mouthed twin and she’s here to inject some fabulousness into your life! Let’s see what she has to say about the Nine of Pentacles…. When you go off looking for the good stuff, you’re likely to … Continue reading

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3 Ways to do a Reading Without Tarot cards

There are times in life when doing a Tarot reading may be inconvenient or impossible. For example, you’re on a camping trip with your uber-religious family who shuns Tarot and all other fun things. Or you’re bored shitless waiting in … Continue reading

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