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Halloween Tarot Card Spread

Halloween is my favorite time of year. It’s full of costumes and candy and lacks the obligatory, tiresome vibe of Christmas and Valentine’s. What’s not to love? Every Halloween night I bust out my incense and candles and do a … Continue reading

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The 4 Tarot Topics I Always Get Asked About!

Today’s post is all about the four Tarot topics I most often get asked about! Predicting the timing of events, reading Tarot reversals, making sense of repeating Tarot cards and how to store your Tarot deck when your not using … Continue reading

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How to Answer a Specific Question with a Tarot Card

Picture this: the candles are lit, Nag Champa incense is wafting about the room, a cozy fire is crackling in the background (or if your like me, your “fireplace” dvd is crackling in the background), and your hunkered down at … Continue reading

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Tarot Talk with Christiana Gaudet

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Tarot reader extraordinaire Christiana Gaudet – Certified Tarot Grandmaster and author of Fortune Stellar and Tarot Tour Guide. I had tons of juicy Tarot questions to ask and in this interview we … Continue reading

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Interactive Tarot Reading: An Ultra-Juicy Reading Method!

I am so excited to tell you all about “Interactive Tarot Card Reading” and how its totally changing how I look at doing readings. In my humble opinion, this reading method is the Bees Knees. Not everyone will agree. Some … Continue reading

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Should You Let Others Touch Your Tarot Cards?

To touch or not to touch? That is the question! I am often asked “is it okay for others to touch my Tarot cards?” There is a belief that if someone else handles your cards, their energy will be absorbed … Continue reading

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When the SAME Tarot card keeps showing up….this is what it means…

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the SAME Tarot card will just keep showing up in your readings? Perhaps this card even appears when doing a Tarot reading for someone else. What does this mean?! I have noticed that with … Continue reading

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What’s Missing in your Tarot Reading?

Today I want to talk about the “missing cards” in a Tarot reading – the cards that are conspicuously absent. For example, lets say you are doing the Celtic Cross Spread and you have some Pentacles, Swords, Cups and a … Continue reading

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Tarot reading “brain-freeze”: 3 ways to combat this common issue

When I first began reading Tarot for others, my biggest fear was that my mind would go totally blank during a reading and I just wouldn’t know what to say….. As it turned out, this actually happened to me. Again … Continue reading

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Tarot Tips from a Professional Tarot Reader

Greetings Everyone! Have you always wondered what exactly makes an outstanding Tarot reader, or whether you need a special “gift” to read Tarot cards? Do you ever worry about your mind going blank when you’re giving a Tarot reading? Or … Continue reading

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