The Hermit

Card image is from The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck published by U.S.Games Systems, Inc.

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning: Meditation, Consciousness and Solitude.

The Hermit is a Tarot card of introspection, wisdom, awareness, retreat and even spiritual enlightenment.The light in The Hermit’s lantern represents conscious awareness guiding the way.

In many ways, The Hermit is like the more mature, wiser version of The Fool. He is still an adventurer, still a seeker, only he is exploring the inner worlds of feeling, thought, ego and spirit.

Retreat from the busy-ness of daily life is at the heart of The Hermit Tarot card meaning. Solitude can help us gain the self awareness and understanding we need in order to engage peacefully with the world around us.

But there is also a rebellious side to The Hermit! The Hermit questions things, goes within and acts from his own inner truth. In doing so, he lights the way for others to do the same – he is a spiritual trail blazer of the highest order!


  • Inaction, solitude and going within are what is needed right now
  • You need to listen to your own inner voice when making plans and decisions
  • Its time for your consciousness to awaken – you are ready to let go of ego and its incessant needs.


  • How do you feel about consulting yourself on major issues? Or do you always rely on the advice and opinions of others?
  • How can you incorporate mindfulness, meditation and going within into your life and work?
  • How do I feel about this issue? What needs or beliefs could be underlying those feelings?


  • Plan a day of solitude, where you can meditate, practice yoga, dance, draw, write and reflect on things.
  • Explore some books about mindfulness, such as Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

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3 Responses to The Hermit

  1. Henson says:

    I see that The Hermit and The High Priestess are so much alike. So much reflection, introspecting, and finding answers happening.

    Is there one major element that clearly distinguishes the two?



    • Kate says:

      Hi Henson,
      Yes, these two cards are similar. The High Priestess is more secretive than The Hermit. I see the Hermit being more contemplative and connected with spiritual enlightenment, while the High Priestess is more about connecting to the world of spirit and mystery in order to enhance the quality of life.
      Hope that helps!


      • Katy Star says:

        My take on Henson’s question: I believe the Hermit is still ‘searching’ for the knowledge while the High Priestess already ‘knows’. Also, the Hermit appears in the image of a wise old man, a teacher and seems willing to impart the wisdom he has gained in his spiritual journey whereas the High Priestess seems reluctant to divulge the information, urging you to discover it
        yourself by listening to your inner voice.

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