The Hierophant

Tarot Card Meaning: Institutions, tradition, society and its rules

The Hierophant represents the institutions and belief systems in our lives – school, church, corporate culture, patriarchy, consumerism, government – and the influence they have on us. The Hierophant tarot card can also represent society in general, with its expectations, rules and social script.

The most common social script is that in order to lead a successful life and be happy one must find a romantic partner, have a stable career and become a parent. And make enough money to buy a house and fill it with useless crap. When one’s hearts desires stray from this script, they are often met with disbelief and disapproval and risk isolation and rejection from the group.

There are many benefits to conforming and being part of a larger group, even if we have to sacrifice our individuality and silence the screams of our soul. Going with the pack is a strong temptation for most of us and the real challenge of The Hierophant is to find a way to express ourselves, live our truth and still remain a valuable member of our social group.


  • An institution is having a powerful effect on you (positive or negative)
  • Blind obedience is being asked of you
  • Being accepted is more important to you at this time than self-expression


  • How is the need to belong and be accepted by others affecting you right now?
  • Are you silencing the voice of your soul in an effort to conform?
  • Can you imagine how you might speak your truth AND maintain your sense of belonging within your social group?


  • Identify all of the “institutions” in your life
  • List the benefits of conformity (such as approval, camaraderie, belonging) and create ways to give these things to yourself without relying on others.

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